How to remove puffiness in the morning

Unpleasant surprise in the morning may beswollen face and bags under the eyes. The causes of this condition are associated with impaired movement of the lymphatic fluid, as a result of which the fluid is delayed and not eliminated from the body properly. Daily swelling can be associated with a variety of diseases, so require a medical examination to find the cause.

With periodic swelling can be controlled, andyou need to start with your favorite pillow. The correct pillow should be of such size that the head during a dream was in one plane with a backbone, and the stream of a lymphatic liquid was not broken. It is important to limit fluid intake before bedtime, and also to reduce salt intake during the day, as sodium retards fluid in the body.

Align the skin and remove puffiness from the face and undereyes with a mask of parsley. It is enough to grind the greens in a blender, take 1 tsp. with a slide, add 2 tsp. sour cream or yogurt and apply for 10-15 minutes on the face and under the eyes. Then rinse with warm water.

To combat swelling under the eyes, you canuse the following method: blot a small cut of gauze in the chilled brew of green tea, put into it the grated parsley root or celery, went to the ceiling and put it on your eyelids.

Effective use of potato mask, forthe preparation of which must be grated on a fine grater of raw potatoes and applied for 10-15 minutes on the face. You can cut two potato slices and put them on your eyes and forget about swelling in 10-15 minutes.

In very extreme cases, you can use a cream that contains an extract of leeches. It is applied to the area of ​​the edema for 15 minutes, then it is removed with a napkin.

Cold best cope with edema andtones up the skin. Forms for ice pour broth from various herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, mint, sage, etc.) or green tea and freeze. Can be used every morning instead of washing.

An ice cube must be led across the face fromcenter to the periphery, as with facial massage: from the middle of the forehead to the temporal part, then from the bridge of the nose in a semicircle to the temples, from the chin along the lower cheekbones upwards, add circular movements from the inner corner of the eyes to the upper eyelid and return to the bridge of the nose along the lower one.

Such a chilled massage restores the circulation of lymph, improves metabolic processes and tones up the skin, thereby relieving puffiness and prolonging youthfulness of the face.