Hormonal puffiness of the face

Methods of fighting with edema.

After 30 years in the female body, the hormonal background changes. Already at this age, edema is susceptible to one in three of the fair sex.

What is edema and how to avoid it?

Puffiness indicates that in the bodydisturbed lymph flow. If you went to a Mexican restaurant in the evening and tasted deliciously with hot and salty dishes, such food will provoke thirst. You will drink one by one a glass of water, juice or tea. Thus, a large amount of water will enter the body and stay in it. Because of this, you will wake up with swollen eyelids in the morning. Unfortunately, puffiness will go away only in the evening, when the liquid unnecessary to the body will come naturally. If you constantly lead approximately this way of life, wrinkles under the eyes and blue circles you are provided for life.

People prone to swelling should be excluded fromtheir diet smoked, salted, pickled and fried dishes, canned food, mayonnaise, spices and alcohol. All this food, because of the high content of fat and salt, provokes thirst. Consumption of liquid in unlimited quantities, as well as consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, is allowed up to 15-16 hours. Dinner for people prone to swelling should be no later than 19.00. The ideal dishes will be boiled beef or turkey, baked or boiled vegetables, boiled unsalted rice. Drink only recommended non-carbonated mineral water, with only a few sips.

Undoubtedly, smoking has a detrimental effect on health. In addition, it causes thirst, which, as we already know, causes puffiness.
It should be more often in the fresh air, regularly ventilate the room and play sports.
The position during sleep should be such that the head is above the level of the legs.

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