Edema of the nasal mucosa after surgery

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Hello, I was 27 years in grade 5, I was hit bynose after that I had a curved nasal septum up to 25 years I used vasoconstrictor since the nose constantly pawned soon drops stopped helping almost and I decided to laser surgery after the operation I had 3 weeks nose was not breathing there was swelling after 3 weeks like it became better but not absolutely went to the doctor who to me did or made operation he has told or said that in due course will become better but already has passed or has taken place 2 years to me to become all is worse a nose again has ceased to breathe is formed ottek mucous, I will breathe breathes but in 5 hours not breathing, instead of drops help exercise immediately postpones but not for a long time 1 hour maximum. Tell me from what can arise from the mucosa after surgery?

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Hello! Most likely, you have Vasomotor rhinitis, which appeared against the background of the curvature of the septum of the nose. Since the cause of edema of the nose is curvature and it is necessary to start the fight with it. Laser treatment brings only temporary relief, and sometimes none at all. The only way out of this situation is surgical (septoplasty is an operation to remove the curved part of the septum of the nose and the vasotomy of the vessels of the inferior nasal cavity-dissection of the vessels passing into the inferior nasal concha)
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