Severe swelling of the nasopharynx

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Hello! I am 27 years old. I got sick with ARVI, the temperature rose 38-39, I was treated for 3 days, the temperature was gone, but the pain in my throat, not even in the throat, but in the nasopharynx (on top of the tongue) remained, my neck as badly aches as I understand the lymph nodes under the ears, to turn a head it is sick, the nose breathes, but the edema is felt, does not expectorate, drops like pinosol. nazivin and all that to me do not go (it burns up to tears, burns mucous, pains in the eye area), the rhinostop drops come up, but they do not help, but today a large, very dense bloody clot has emerged, what can it be, and what can be treated? Thanks in advance for the answer

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