Remove the swelling of the nose

September 11, 2009 inSovet.Ru:

How to remove the swelling from the bridge of the nose? Got a "juicy" blow to the bridge of the nose, blue eyes, blue eyes, nothing under the eyes. Until tomorrow it is necessary to remove one way or another, tell me please the folk ways, well, not only.

a piece of cold meat, put it and rub it along the nose, so that the eyebrow does not go under the eyes. Ointment helps!

makeup and only T B

There is a special cream in pharmacies! OR. ice from the refrigerator. Natasha

Lead lotion, if not take black and whitenewspaper and where more dark paint wet and attach, sugar a little wet and a thick paste, brew chamomile and also apply a tampon-relieves inflammation. But in any case, the hemothoma does not pass right away.

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