Nasal edema surgery

Husband. 19 years.

Hello! At me since the childhood of a problem with a nose: zalozhennost, colds, 2 times there was a genyantritis. All this was said by the doctors because of the heavily curved nasal septum. I did not want to do the operation, I used different vasoconstrictive drops. But when enrolling in the academy on the medical board insisted on the operation, and I have these problems with the nose to be honestly already fed up. So 3 weeks ago I went to the CRH with a diagnosis of a curved septum and a vasomotor rhinitis. 15.02 I was operated on the nasal septum, and after 6 days I was cauterized mucous (vosotomiey it's kind of called). So my nose did not breathe better, everything became worse: a very strong mucus edema, from time to time water flows from the nose, sneezing attacks (4-6 times), and the eyes begin to water tearfully. In occasion of an edema to me the operating doctor has told or said that, a pier it says normal phenomenon, mucous so reacted to operation and soon the edema will descend. But here 2 weeks really nothing comes off. I here think, and can at me a rhinitis not vasculomotor, and allergic? and on the irritated after operation mucous allergens are more strongly attracted? I had previously suspected the allergic cause of my cold, it was as if amplified, for example, when I wiped dust from a heavily dusty cupboard, or when I played with a friend's cat. So it can to the allergist? or swelling is still such a long reaction to surgery? what is the maximum period of edema and when it is already possible to seriously begin to sound an alarm.

thanks in advance for the answer