Why the nose swells in the morning

Many, waking up in the morning, discover at home,that the face was swollen. The swollen face is not a very pleasant sight. It brings a lot of inconvenience: it's not very pleasant to appear among people with a swollen face, go to work or visit. Why is this happening? If the face swells - it is a signal about a malfunction in the body.

If the face swells - why is this happening?

A person is a business card of a person. You always want to look good. The face is the front of the human head. It has its limits: the top - the hairline, the bottom - the corners and the lower jaw, from the side - the edges of the lower jaw and the base of the ears. On the face are sensual organs-analyzers: eyes (visual), ears (auditory), nose (olfactory and airborne), mouth (digestive).

Why the face swells. Causes of swelling of the face

The swelling of the face is most often caused by a delay in the body's fluid.

Often the face of such diseases as: heart disease, kidney disease, liver, thyroid gland, blood vessels.

Lack of micronutrients and vitamin is often the reason that the person swells.

The person can swell at absolutely healthy people because of exhausting and constant diets, starvation, chronic lack of sleep, overwork.

Why does the face swell nearer towards evening? This may be due to heart disease. If the person often swells, you need to see a cardiologist.

If the face swelling occurs in the morning, then you have kidney problems.

Dangerous causes of edema

Drinking alcohol in the evening can provoke swelling of the face.

Angioedema of the face can bethe result of an allergy to antibiotics, an insect bite, blood transfusions, food. An allergic reaction can be accompanied by itching, redness, nausea, shortness of breath, and the face also swells.

Thrombosis of the upper genital vein can be the cause of swollen face - it can swell.

Why does one-sided or bilateral edema occur? Because of the presence of infection in the zone of the paranasal sinuses, teeth and tonsils.

Endocrine diseases are characterized by an airy face - it can swell.

An inconvenient pillow can provoke a swelling of the face, because during rest there are disruptions in the microcirculation of blood in small skin vessels.

A hypertonic disease that is triggered leads to swelling of the eyes.

Abuse of decorative cosmetics often causes swelling of the eyes.

With problems of puffiness of the face and bags under the eyes, consultation of a physician-therapist, endocrinologist, cardiologist is necessary.

© Therapist Elena Gabelko