Swelling after rhinoplasty

Everyone wants to have a neat little nose that has becomewould be the decoration of our face, not his problem, but not everyone can boast of it from birth. The nose is potatoes, too snub nose, too broad or on the contrary excessively thin, long or short - we are different, but we all want to be better and more beautiful. And, as you know, beauty requires sacrifice, which is why many of us decide to conduct a plastic surgery. Meanwhile, it should be understood that any plastic surgery is a responsible step. In order for the result of the operation to completely satisfy the patient, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the desired result, as well as to study possible side effects, so that some of them arising in the postoperative period do not surprise you. So, let's analyze the basic recovery moments:

Edema of the nose after rhinoplasty: This side effect can not be avoided eithera patient who decided on rhinoplasty. Many patients at first do not see edema, because it is restrained by gypsum, after removal of which the nose seems thick and not very beautiful. But it is not necessary to be frightened, after all edemas of a nose after a rhinoplasty pass or take place within 5-8 weeks. The tip of the nose is most prone to puffiness and is most pronounced after the operation.

In order to remove excessive swelling, you canuse folk methods: use homeopathic preparations based on mountain arnica in the form of compresses or tea or use an aloe plant that can not only reduce swelling, but also have an analgesic effect. With severe swelling that occurs after rhinoplasty, many doctors advise also to use the hormonal drug diprospan in the form of injections.

Hematomas after rhinoplasty: Unaesthetic circles under the eyes are a naturalthe reaction of the body, in no way reflecting the patient's internal state. Their degree depends on the amount of surgical intervention performed. The bruises after rhinoplasty completely pass in 2-3 weeks. To speed up the recovery process, you can use special medications to get rid of unwanted bruises and bruises.

Rhinestones after rhinoplasty: The presence of scars and scars directly depends on the fact,how the operation was conducted: whether it was open or closed. In the first case, an incision is made on the dermal part of the nasal septum for correction. If the operation was done accurately, then you can see such a scar only after a very close examination. When carrying out a closed rhinoplasty, in which all manipulations are carried out inside the nose, it is not possible to detect scarring.

Bleeding after rhinoplasty: As a rule, this side effect does notpresents a danger to the patient and passes by himself for 2-3 days. The source of bleeding is localized with the help of special vasoconstrictors. To stop the blood, tampons are used.

Difficulty in breathing: Problems with breathing most often occur because of tampons present in it, after removal of which, the process of normal breathing is restored.