Kidney swelling of the face

    Traditional medicine recommends:</ li>
  • include more eggplants in the food ration;
  • to diversify the food ration with vegetables and fruits;
  • take infusion of birch leaves warty;Preparation of the infusion: you need one tablespoon of dry birch leaves or two tablespoons of fresh leaves (young, sticky) pour half a liter of steep boiling water and insist for about an hour, drain; drink infusion of half a glass of three to five times a day before meals;
  • take a decoction of flaxseed; cookingbroth: you need four teaspoons of raw material to fill with a liter of water, cook with a weak boil for 5-6 minutes, then wrap it well and insist for about an hour, drain; drink half a glass of broth five to six times a day; to improve the taste in the broth you can add a little lemon juice;
  • take a decoction of the roots of parsley;preparation of broth: one tablespoon of dried, crushed roots, pour a glass of water and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes, allow to cool, strain; drink half a cup twice a day before meals;
  • to take a broth of corn stigmas; cookingbroth: one tablespoon of dry raw material pour a glass of water and cook with a weak boil until half an hour, allow to cool, drain; drink one tablespoon of decoction three to four times a day; in the means for improving the taste, honey can be added;
  • several times a day to do poultices from the herb of the mountaineer pochechuynogo;
  • apply a towel moistened with a strong solution of table salt to the waist; do so ten times during the day; the effect of this procedure will increase the release of urine, and swelling will subside;
  • to take infusion of herbs of orthosiphon (tea)renal); Preparation of the infusion: 0.5 teaspoon dried herb should be poured a glass of steep boiling water and insist in a sealed container for up to 40 minutes, strain; drink infusion of half a glass two or three times a day before eating; course of treatment - up to two months.

It is also recommended to take a decoction prepared on the basis of such collection of medicinal plants:

Horsetail herbs - 2 parts
Grassy crescent grasses - 2 parts
Herbs of wild strawberry - 2 parts
Herbs yarrow - 1 part
Sea kale - 1 part

Three tablespoons of this dry mixture must be poureda liter of water, cook for no more than 1 minute, then insist an hour, drain; drink a quarter of a glass five to six times a day before meals; if after applying this broth there are pains in the kidneys or discomfort during urination, you need to reduce the dose of wild strawberry.

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