Edema in the sinuses of the nose

Diagnosis of diseases of the paranasal sinuses.

The adnexal sinuses are anatomicalformations in the bones of the facial skull and represent cavities filled with air. Pathological changes in the paranasal sinuses can be manifested by reaction from the mucous membrane lining the inner walls of the sinus, in the form of edema of the nasal mucosa, fluid accumulation or pus, as well as the appearance in the sinuses of various formations - cysts, tumors,

Inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses- acute sinusitis, account for 80%. The process can extend to all sinuses (pansinusitis) or to localize in one of the sinuses, most often in the frontal (frontal) and in the maxillary (sinusitis). Sinusitis often occurs in combination with other infectious diseases, such as influenza, ARVI and allergic processes.

The method of diagnosis of accessory diseasesof the nasal cavity is radiography - an x-ray in an upright position, in the muzzle-nasal projection. It is on such an X-ray that it is possible to detect signs of edema of the mucous membrane, to reveal the presence of a horizontal level in acute and chronic sinusitis (inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses). The x-ray of the paranasal sinuses also reveals the presence of cysts, osteoma, foreign bodies.

On the x-ray of the sinuses of the nose clearlyreveals the details of the eye sockets, frontal and maxillary sinuses, a trellis labyrinth. The pneumatization (airiness) of the paranasal sinuses, bone structures, the condition of the nasal cavity and the nasopharyngeal space are assessed. X-ray pictures of the sinuses of the nose are made and with maxillofacial trauma. For example, with a fracture of the bones of the nose.

Timely diagnosis of accessory diseasessinuses of the nose is the key to adequate treatment, if the inflammatory process in the sinuses of the nose persists for more than 1 month, it becomes chronic, possibly the formation of cysts. Thus, the X-ray image is a very informative, simple, accessible method for diagnosing diseases of the paranasal sinuses.

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If you observe symptoms such as dischargefrom the nose, it hurts your head, it's difficult to breathe, your nose hurts, you definitely need to see a doctor to diagnose the disease in a timely manner and prescribe a treatment.

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