Swelling of the sinuses of the sinus

Posted by Vitka on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 16:26

Many diseases cause trouble not by their appearance, but by their consequences. So, for example, an acute respiratory or acute viral disease, can lead to diseases of the sinuses of the nose.

Diseases of the sinuses of the nose (sinusitis) can beacute and chronic, as well as exudative and productive. To diseases of the sinuses of the nose is sinusitis (with this disease the maxillary sinuses inflame). Another disease associated with sinus disease is the frontitis (the frontal sinus is inflamed), sphenoiditis (in this case inflammation of the sphenoid sinus) and etmoiditis (inflammation of the cells of the latticed bone).

The cause of diseases of the sinuses of the nose is thatclosed the opening of the sinus edematous mucosa and the infection begins to accumulate in the nasal cavity, and this leads to inflammation in the paranasal sinuses.

  • My head aches.
  • The temperature rises.
  • Nose is stuffed.
  • Pus is secreted from the nose.
  • The face begins to swell.

Treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis is carried outvarious methods. Chooses a way to treat a doctor-otorhinolaryngologist. Treatment can be carried out with the help of medicines, fizeoprocedures. Sometimes surgical methods are used.

In order to not develop sinusitis, you needin time to treat a disease that can cause it - flu, colds, a sharp cold, infectious diseases, teeth, affected by caries. It is very good, if you pay attention to your health and take up hardening, this is a very good prevention of colds.