Nasal congestion after rhinoplasty

Good afternoon, 3 months ago has made rhinoplasty,unsuccessfully sewed up, the scar remained very strong, the doctor says that this cartilage was not noticed and again have to go to surgery and align it. + Nedopili hump. Is it possible to come to a consultation with one of the doctors in your clinic and how much will it cost?

Hello Maria! You can come to me for a free consultation, where I will examine you and tell you what will be best done. Phone «Aesthetic

Is it difficult to do rhinoplasty?

Hello, I finally decided to go on operetsiyu, how do you think suits me rhinoplasty and whether it will be a difficult and painful?

Hello. Rhinoplasty is not painful and difficult for the patient. You will not feel pain, only a little discomfort while wearing gypsum. The main thing,

Being one of the most popular plasticoperations, rhinoplasty still remains a very complicated procedure. Preparation for the operation itself is not much different from any other plastic surgery performed under general anesthesia. What you need to do to the patient before surgery, as well as about the tests necessary for rhinoplasty can be read on our website in the relevant sections.
If we talk about the postoperative period, it is very different from all other operations.
The patient needs to be prepared for the fact that the firsttwo or three days after the operation, one will have to breathe only with the mouth, because the nose will be filled with special tampons that support its shape. These same tampons will absorb postoperative discharge.
From the outside of the nose to maintain its shapeimpose a special bandage of hard materials. The bandage will have to be worn about one or two weeks, which depends on the individual characteristics of the operation. A patient who decides to undergo surgery should be prepared to forget about all the pleasures of life for this time.
After surgery, the face is always swelling, and puffiness can last up to a year after the operation, of course, in mild form. Hide edema can be using makeup.
After tampons are removed,It will take some time for the nasal breathing to fully recover. The fact is that after rhinoplasty, there is often internal swelling, which persists even for several months. The first weeks after rhinoplasty are recommended to sleep on a high pillow, that is, with a raised head, which helps to get rid of swelling more quickly.
It is important to limit any physical activity, try not to be nervous, even for the first few weeks - this avoids nasal bleeding.
It is also worth not to take too cold or hot food.
And in the first three weeks you can not wear glasses, since the nose is still weak and it is very easy to injure.
How many days after rhinoplasty the patient will stay in the clinic, the surgeon will determine the rhinoplast after the examination.

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