Swelling of the right side of the face

Edema of the face is often found in patients withendocrine diseases. But what to do if there is swelling of the right or left side of the face, and this is caused by completely incomprehensible reasons, in which it is difficult to understand. 9. The next reason for the appearance of edema under the eyes and on the face are heart problems and heart failure.

If a person wakes up with a puffy faceafter a plentiful feast, it is unpleasant, but the reason for this phenomenon is understandable. Edema appears in the morning and is due to the fact that a person either sleeps on one side, or tilts the head during sleep in a certain direction.

It is not always so. The swelling on the face in the morning can be a signal of a more serious illness, so when you get swelling of the face it is worth going to a doctor or to a checkup.

Edema of the right or left side of the face

Some doctors consider edema of the face to manifestationsurolithiasis, pyelonephritis, or kidney failure. 1. The use of salt in food in large quantities (more than 5 grams per day) can cause swelling of the face, tk. fluid is retained in the body.

If the height of the pillow is incorrect, the lymphatic and blood vessels can be pinched, which inevitably leads to edema formation.

Allergic edema of the face is very dangerous, because When reacting with an allergen, you may develop Quincke's swelling. Low-quality cosmetics can clog the pores and thereby violate the natural respiration of the skin, leading to swelling and redness.

The cause of swelling of one side of the face can be:

The causes of edema are a lack of adequate sleep,time of which the body has time to rest and begin to work in a normal mode. 1. The cause of unilateral facial edema may be that you sleep on one side, and during the day you drink a lot of fluids.

Most often, the swelling on the face, we find it in the morning, when, having risen from the bed from the fifth alarm signal, we run to the mirror to quickly wash and go to work.

If the child's face is swollen?

How to get rid of puffiness on the face and around the eyeswith the help of folk remedies? Folk remedies are good because without harm to health, without the use of chemistry, you can remove swelling and puffiness on your face at home.

To quickly and lechego eliminate morning swelling (after drinking, sleepless nights or severe stress), wipe the face and areas around the eyes with an ice cube.

Do not use ice massage if you have couperose (spider veins on the face). A sharp narrowing of the vessels due to the effect of ice on the skin can lead to an increase in the "stars".

Do this by finger pads, it is not necessarypress on the face with the entire palm of your hand. This massage promotes the rapid circulation of fluid in the body and prevents the formation of edema. Recipe number 1. Perfectly tighten the skin and remove swelling tightening mask with gelatin.

Apply the mask for 15 minutes on face and rinse. The reasons for which the children strongly swollen face in the morning, almost the same as in adults.

A dangerous complication of allergy is Quincke's edema. If the baby has not only swollen his face, but there has appeared a cough, asthma and red spots on the body - immediately give him an antihistamine and call an ambulance.

They are manifested because of inflammation of the submandibularlymph nodes. Such edema usually go away as you recover. Strong crying in children causes severe puffiness, redness of the face, headache and in rare cases, fever.

To successfully combat this unpleasant condition, you need to understand why the face swells. The face is swollen due to many reasons, manifesting itself more in the morning or evening, especially during the hot period.

If swelling occurs continuously in the morning,search for provoking factors that cause their appearance. In such situations, the appearance of swelling on the face is inevitable. A swollen face in the morning can be associated with an uncomfortable and uncomfortable posture of a sleeping person, which provokes stagnation of blood and lymph, worsens the process of drainage and drainage of fluid from the facial tissues.

The fight against swelling of the face after taking alcohol will be unsuccessful without eliminating the main cause of puffiness - regular use of alcohol.

Swelling of the face in alcoholics becomes pronounced and constant with chronic dependence on alcohol, especially with a decent experience of taking alcoholic beverages.

Among other manifestations of autonomic disordersin a state of a hangover in most cases, swelling of a person of varying intensity is noted. If the child's face is swollen, first of all, it is necessary to exclude kidney pathology and impaired excretory system: most often this is associated with edemas of varying degrees in preschool children.

A slight puffiness of the face, especially in the second half of pregnancy, is a completely physiological condition. If the face is very swollen, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the root cause of this condition.

The allergic reaction differs fast, and at times and instant growth of a symptomatology, the face swells up practically "on eyes".

Edema of the face: annoying trouble or serious danger?

Allergic reaction in the form of angioedemaEdema is provoked by various kinds of allergens: food, infectious, medicinal. What kind of pathology led to the swelling of half of the face, we can say only on the basis of anamnesis, visual examination and some laboratory studies.

Unilateral puffiness is manifested by the visible swelling of one half of the face under the normal condition of the opposite side. The left side of the face is able to swell exactly for the same reasons as the right side.

Left-sided swelling on the face can be triggered by an inflammatory process in the left side of the head, or an allergic manifestation of the individual sensitivity of the body.

5. If you are swollen, tearing and swelling of the eye, vision deterioration and swelling on the cheek, then consult an ophthalmologist. Diarrhea herbal preparations or preparations will help to get rid of edema of the face.

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