Puffiness of the pubis after chemistry

spider spider Expert (261), closed 3 years ago

After intensive sports activities (in particularpress), it became as if I had become larger in the abdomen. Then he noticed that the pubis what an enlarged became like puffiness. Now I look puffiness has passed on a sexual member and testicles.
Tell me this is normal? Or it costs to the doctor? I'm just doing sports not regularly and I gave the load not weak. Could this be caused by this?

Lightning Guru (4784) 3 years ago

And what do you want that would not hurt after the sport? Probably overloading the muscles gave the press a pumping. Will pass in couple of days.

Kotyara Sage (12949) 3 years ago

The abdominal press is attached precisely in that place. Do not strain yourself. And do not overexert :)

spider spider Expert (261) 3 years ago

is this a normal phenomenon or not? Is it worth something to do?

Erna M Artificial Intelligence (182586) 3 years ago

can, already before a hernia have docked?

Andrei Profi (576) 3 years ago

Go to the urologist - this is a salt tissue edema. Formed and developed on the basis of cardiac, renal insufficiency.
Do not delay - urgently for doctors.
By the way, do not forget the therapist - let him prescribe a course of diuretics, also check the parameters of his pressure.