Swelling after sine lifting

Implantation in dental prosthetics is usedincreasingly popular. No method can provide such quality and comfort for patients. Unfortunately, there are contraindications that make this procedure impossible. Thanks to modern technologies, the number of such factors can be reduced. For example, the elimination of such an obstacle as insufficient jawbone area when an implant was installed became possible with the use of sinus-lifting in dentistry.

Causes and types of sinus-lifting

In preparation for prosthetics, the operationSinus-lifting is then provided to provide sufficient bone volume for a quality implant placement. During this procedure, the gingiva former is often installed. There are two indications for this operation. The first is the individual arrangement of the sinus bottom too low to the oral cavity, which prevents the implant from being installed. The second - carrying out of a sinus-lifting is necessary, when implantation on a turn-key basis is made on a bone which already had too much atrophy. There are two types of such procedure - open sinus lifting and closed.

An open technique is used at the height of the bonethe fabric is less than 4 mm. The bottom of the maxillary sinus is raised through a specially created "window". The necessary space is filled with bone material, which is taken from the patient or replaced with an artificial mixture - for example, "Bio-Oss" gingiva.

Closed sinus-lifting is carried out together with implantation. There are special tools that allow you to move the bottom of the sinus through the bed, in which the implant will be installed.

The price of a sine-lifting depends on the complexity of the operation.

Many patients are afraid of sinus-lifting, they are scaredPossible complications that can affect the general condition. This operation rarely causes any consequences. There can be an edema after a sinus-lifting, but after 2-3 days it will pass itself without any medical procedures.

Only antibiotic therapy is carried out, which helps to prevent the onset of inflammatory processes.

To ensure the safety of the procedure, you canread reviews on sine-lifting. In most cases, those patients who performed sinus-lifting before implantation, note the painlessness and effectiveness of the operation.

The cost of sinus-lifting in individual clinics can vary and is determined by the type of operation, the most expensive is the procedure associated with the transplantation of the bone block.