Swelling in the vagina

Most of the world's women suffervarious gynecological diseases of the reproductive system. The inflammatory process of the vagina, characterized mainly by its swelling, is a problem that can affect any woman. In this article, we'll talk about what vaginal edema, the causes of the disease and the methods of treating vaginal edema.

Consider the edema of the vagina - the cause of the disease.

Vaginal edema is the cause of bartholinitis

For a disease such as bartholinitis, which isinflammation of the gland on the eve of the vagina, the most characteristic is the occurrence of edema, redness and swelling, narrowing the outflowing streams, resulting in worse discharge of the secretion of the gland, leading to an inflammatory process. The cause of edema of the vagina is in pathogens - streptococci, staphylococci. With this disease, therapy is carried out in a medical institution with the help of anesthetics and antibiotics.

Vaginal edema is the cause of vulvitis

Puffiness of the vagina is more typical for suchdiseases like vulvitis. This inflammation of the skin surface of the external genitalia of the vagina. The cause of the inflammatory process of this disease can be as follows: anemia, trauma, impaired metabolism, use of antibiotics.

The first symptoms of the disease are puffiness andredness of the vagina, itching and pain during urination. In case of treatment of the vaginal edema, the skin of the vagina should be washed with a warm chamomile infusion or a solution of manganese.

Vaginal edema is the cause of vaginitis

In some situations, edema of the vagina may beprovoked by a disease like vaginitis. In this case microorganisms settle in the vagina, which provoke the appearance of redness and edema of the vagina. The reason for the appearance of vaginal edema may be in sexually transmitted diseases, a decreased immune system, hormonal disorders, lack of hygiene, various damages to the vaginal mucosa.

Edema of the vagina - treatment

For the treatment of vaginitis with antibioticsapply preparations of general strengthening and antiseptic action. Puffiness of the vagina appears also in colpitis, its special form, in which damage to the body is possible in the case of sexual intercourse. The vagina begins to swell and, when touched, gives off blood.

To prevent gynecological diseases,every woman twice a year should undergo an examination with a gynecologist, take mandatory tests that can timely stop the development of the disease and guarantee timely therapy.