Edema of the nasal mucosa in adults

СПК 115group, Male, 19 years old

Hello! I am 19 years old. With 16 years of a problem with a nose. In a children's polyclinic put diagnos "genyantritis" washed the nose. Nothing comes out and nothing. In an adult have told or said an edema mucous on pictures no any genyantritis is present! Were prescribed washing 2 times a day and medicines. Did everything as I said, but nothing has changed. The nose does not breathe! Sopley is not present when the mucous nasal passage swells and it is impossible to breathe! Long nasal congestion can not be tolerated, especially if both nostrils do not breathe. Became dependent on the drops. I use the "snoop", please tell me how to cure the nose and give up drops! Because for 2 years now I live on them! And I know that it is terribly harmful! You can not use them for 5 days, but I am 2 years old 4-5 times a day!

Good afternoon! Your problems are called vasomotor rhinitis. Modern methods of treating this ailment include local corticosteroid therapy, which can only be prescribed by the doctor who conducted the examination. Therefore, visit the otorhinolaryngologist and follow the prescribed course of treatment. If such treatment does not help, then the diathermy of the nasal concha is prescribed.

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