How to cure swelling in the nose

Despite the fact that this is a painful conditionis extremely common, very few people know how to cure swelling of the nose. Its causes are different, but this disease always causes considerable discomfort, so a person has a desire to be cured as soon as possible, to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

There may be an edema of the mucosa as a result oftrauma, allergies of various types or colds. If an injury without a professional trauma specialist can not be cured, it is entirely possible to understand allergies and ARIs independently, even at home.

In the case of an allergic reaction,Instantly stop contact with the irritant, then rinse the nasal cavity with warm water. It is also recommended to use such drugs as "Tavigil", "Zirtek", etc. And how to cure swelling in case of a cold? The situation here is a little more complicated, because OCR itself is quite an insidious disease.

It is also advisable to washnasal cavity. That's only to do it follows a warm solution of table salt. If it does not help, you need to use vasoconstrictor drops (for example, Sinupret). The effect will be good, but more than five days they can not be applied, it may be addictive. Also, extraordinarily useful massage is the active points of the head (for example, between the eyebrows or near the wings of the nose) and the reception of contrasting foot baths.

In our short article, we have somewhat highlighted howcure swelling of the nose in case of its occurrence. As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated here. If we have not indicated something - you are welcome to discuss the topic in the comments. Maybe it's you who will tell the method of treatment that will help people who have encountered such a problem, as a result of which they will be fully and sincerely grateful to you.

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