Swelling of the face in women before menstruation

Mood swings in women - this is normalphenomenon. Increased sensitivity, outbursts of anger, tearfulness, irritation over trifles affect not only men, but also women themselves. They themselves are not enthusiastic about the sudden jumps of mood, but consider that for a woman this is normal.

The psychological state of a woman directlyis associated with its physiological characteristics, namely with the menstrual cycle. Research scientists have shown that before menstruation in the body of a woman accumulate toxic substances that cause changes in the physiological state. More than 50% of women become irritable before the onset of menstruation.

Every month on certain days are violatedfunctions of the female body, from which the woman becomes irritable. This condition is of somatic origin and is called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). These days the woman feels physical discomfort. The state of health worsens, there are pains in the lower back, heaviness in the lower abdomen, headaches, nausea, puffiness, painful condition of the chest. Very often before menstruation, women develop an increased appetite, and they gain a little weight.

Naturally, such a physical condition does not lift the mood. Physical discomfort annoys a woman, she begins to pay attention to any small thing and gets it started for any reason.

PMS disrupts the ovaries and their hormonalbalance, which leads to poor functioning of the endocrine glands and the central nervous system. The failure in endocrine control, which affected the nervous system, violates the psychochemical balance of the body. As a result, fluid retention in the body, causing swelling.

Accumulation of excess fluid is the maincause of PMS. The fluid retention in the abdominal organs gives a feeling of heaviness, causes nausea and vomiting. The accumulation of fluid in the tissues around the brain is accompanied by nervous symptoms, irritability, and even depression.

To reduce swelling during menstruation,women need to limit the intake of salt and liquid before the onset of menstruation. You can take diuretics, which will help to normalize the balance of liquid and soothing drugs, for example, a decoction of valerian for calming the nervous system.

Most importantly, a woman should be morallyready for critical days and try to control yourself and not give in to emotions. Much also depends on others who, during this period, should be sympathetic to the mood swings of a woman and not take her small whims seriously. After all, in a few days everything will be normalized, and she will be tender and gentle again.