Puffiness of the right side of the body

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Hello! Help me please. My mother is 55 years old, got into the hospital with swelling of the right side of the whole body except the face. Doctors raise their hands, but can you help. It began with her hands, then swollen right breast is 3-4 times larger than the left, the stomach, the leg swelled the least, the face was not swollen, but was osimetriya on the right side. No temperature. Cardiogram bad, but not a heart attack showed examined lymph nodes, thyroid normal. On the right lung there was a blackout, the liquid was pumped out, was with blood. Puffiness hurts. We took a puncture, but the answer has not yet come

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Hello! Perhaps the cause of edema is a violation of the outflow of the lymphoma (lymphostasis). This pathology develops as a result of cancer, infectious (streptococcal disease), parasitic disease, trauma, surgical intervention.
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