Puffiness of the whole body with weight gain

Puffiness is a state of the body in whichin the tissues an excess liquid is collected. In the first place, edema is affected by the legs and face, but sometimes during pregnancy, swelling of the hands, stomach and even loins. Puffiness during pregnancy is associated with the fact that the need for a female body in the liquid increases, and the longer the period, the stronger the woman wants to drink - the bulk of the weight gained during pregnancy is just the liquid. In addition, in the body of the pregnant woman accumulates sodium, which retains water in the body, which is another cause of swelling. Let's talk about puffiness and excess fluid in the body.

The results of fluid retention in the first placethey appear on the face it becomes more round, because of the swelling of the eyelids, the eyes diminish, the nose increases. Sometimes it is the swelling of the face that is the symptom of renal edema, which requires immediate treatment. It is possible that puffiness is caused by a specific "runny nose" of pregnant women, which arises from hormonal changes in the body. The nasal mucosa swells, breathing becomes difficult, dryness and itching occur, the disease can occur at any time and at any time of the day, after the birth the runny nose will disappear without additional treatment. For the period of the disease a woman needs to find an effective and safe remedy for nasal congestion together with a specialist, since otherwise a runny nose can lead to insufficient intake of oxygen to the fetus and the development of hypoxia.

Sometimes swelling of the nose can be caused by an allergy.

In order to eliminate contact with the allergen,it is necessary to analyze their recent actions, perhaps allergies triggered flower pollen, a new product, a detergent powder or a colleague's scent at work. In some women, swelling of the nose and mouth are the very first signs of pregnancy. Significantly more often than the nose, the woman in the situation swelling hands, especially the fingers. In this case, the woman notices a tingling, burning and even numbness, there are difficulties at removal and putting on of rings. More than the rest of the puffiness of the hands, women who work with a keyboard and a computer mouse are engaged in knitting or modeling, that is, those whose hands repeatedly perform the same actions. With this work, there is a tunnel syndrome - excess fluid, accumulates in the wrist, presses on the nerve that passes there and causes pain. In order to avoid puffiness and pain, you need to do special exercises for your hands and periodically give them a rest. If swelling of the hands, which are combined with swelling of the face, legs, back and stomach, you need to see a doctor.

Swelling of the feet accompanies the pregnantrule, on a later date. The legs noticeably swell, which makes it difficult to put on and take off your shoes. The first sign of swelling of the legs is the gum traces from the socks on the ankle.

If all swelling disappears after eliminationprovoking factor, they are of a physiological nature and do not pose a threat. If swelling is even in the morning, does not decrease with time and, moreover, began to swell other parts of the body, this immediately need to tell the gynecologist who observes you. If puffiness is not accompanied by any other ailments, then worry about it is not worth it. But sometimes puffiness can serve as a symptom of late toxicosis, which is dangerous for the woman and the fetus. If a woman in parallel with swelling high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, then you need to see a doctor. Get rid of puffiness is fairly easy at home, if it is not a signal of any disease.

You can install puffiness yourselfas follows: Push your finger on the skin in that part of the lower leg where there are no muscles (front from below). If there are no dents, then you do not have to worry. Do this test with all the swollen parts of the body. In an outpatient setting, to determine swelling, you need to take tests and make a McClure-Aldrich test.

With swelling in the second trimester, you needcontrol the amount of excess liquid absorbed - drink no more than 1.5 liters per day and about 1 liter in the form of soups, yoghurts, fruits and vegetables. Drink in small portions and small sips, not forcing yourself to suffer from thirst.

The last trimester should be reducedconsumption of salt to 4 grams per day, while choosing a salt with a lower sodium content. It is better to refuse chips, sausages, frozen semi-finished products. You can eat foods that have a diuretic effect, for example dried apricots, green apples, black currant, pumpkin, carrots, beets, raisins. It is useful once a week to arrange unloading fruit or vegetable days, for example, apple.

Lead a healthy lifestyle, move more,walk at least 2 hours a day, swim, sign up for yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women. Look after the swollen parts of the body. For example, do a hand massage, enjoy a cool foot bath, while resting, put a roller under your feet or fold them on a low ottoman. Do not stay in stuffy and warm rooms, do not reel, high temperature provokes swelling. Often ventilate rooms or sleep with an open window.

As a rule, the standard treatment of edemabegins with the recommendations already described, compliance with sleep, diet. If the supervising physician will arrange analyzes of a woman, then additional treatment is not necessary. In the case of protein in the urine analysis, high blood pressure and a strong weight gain, swelling is a manifestation of gestosis, in which case the woman needs inpatient treatment. Also, medical treatment of swelling is necessary if they are accompanied by a disruption of the vital organs.