How to eliminate facial swelling

Puffiness of the face can be eliminated with masks,if this is not related to diseases of internal organs. You should use masks: potato (1 raw potatoes grate, lightly squeeze out, put a gauze napkin on your face, and cooked flesh on it); from parsley (roots, passed through a meat grinder or grated, from tea (asleep tea to merge, leave the thick, put it on your face in the gauze).

With bags under the eyes, daily rubbing with ice cubes from water and milk helps a lot.

Warts can be inferred as follows: juice onions are mixed equally with honey, put a lot on the wart, cover with compress paper and leave for the night. Protect the skin around with petroleum jelly. The procedure is daily.

Raw milk improves the complexion. A few weeks in a row, wipe your face for half an hour.

The cream can be replaced with ordinary mayonnaise, vegetable oil or margarine. They have the necessary nutrients.

The excessive use of chocolate, biscuits and jam always leads to acne. The children's menu should contain sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits, boiled meat and fish, greens.

If the skin of the face is peeling, it is useful instead of washingcold cold water to wipe it with liquid creams - Velvet, Cosmetic Milk. The later in the hands of teenage girls will get lipstick, creams, blush, powder, the better.

Daytime make-up should be lighter and lighter than expressive evening. Each woman needs to have three shades of lipstick - for different times of the day.

A woman's lipstick can cause dry lips, peeling, rashes. It is necessary to stop using lipstick, and make cold lotions from infusions of chamomile and sage.

If you have wrinkles, do not use matte powder, it emphasizes them.

The choice of eye shadow is very specific. You must proceed from the color of your eyes or from the basic color of your clothes.

If mascara has dried, pour a few drops of cologne.

A soothing effect on the eyes is provided by lotions of chamomile, dill, mint (one tablespoon per cup of boiling water). You can apply lobes of raw potatoes on the closed eyelids.

Soothing effect on the eyes has aprocedure. A small glass is filled with fresh infusion of tea and applied to the closed eye, throws the head back, open the eye and try to rotate the eyeball. T6 do the same and coi the second eye.

With wrinkles under the eyes this exercise will help: release the air from the mouth, as if snorting (10 times).

Cracks on the lips can be treated with honey with pork fat (2: 1). This compound lubricates the lips after eating. The apple, cooked in a small amount of milk, helps. It is ground and applied to the lips.

If you notice the appearance of the chin, startstruggle against it. Every morning, taking a pencil in your teeth, "write" in the air at least ten letters of the alphabet. Rotate your head, tilt your head back, press your chin to your chest.

When you smell from the mouth, you should rinse your mouth with a solution of manganese-acid potassium (slightly pinkish color) or water with the addition of 5-10 drops of a tooth elixir to a glass of water.

If the smell from the mouth is associated with the intake of certain foods (onion, garlic, cheese), you can use raw milk (drink two or three drinks), an apple or chew a pinch of tea.

To remove the yellow plaque on the teeth, 1-2 times a month to wipe the teeth and gums with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Folds at the mouth can be eliminated with the help of gymnastics. It is necessary to open your mouth, round your lips, uttering the sound "o", then slowly close. Repeat regularly.

Gray hair is beautifully dyed withbasmas mixed with henna. Yellowish hair color is obtained by staining with the husks of onions. Infusion of walnut kernels gives the hair a chestnut shade. For coloring, rhubarb (petioles), chamomile flowers are also used.

"Goosebump" is a pore blocked by fat. You can get rid of this in this way. After massage with a brush, you must apply a cream to these places and gently rub pumice. After such procedure for 1-2 months the skin becomes soft and smooth.

The smell of onions or garlic can be removed if you rub your hands with a small amount of coffee. "The smell of bleach is removed with vinegar, and the smell of fish is also eliminated with vinegar.

If your hair grows on your feet, wipe it with a soap brush dampened in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution every two to three days. Daily rub your feet with pumice and grease with cream.

Honey bath calms the nervous system. 200 - 250 g of honey is added to the bath with water at a temperature of 35 degrees. Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

Foam baths are useful for those who want to lose weight. They should not be taken very often and with a healthy heart.

Herbal baths are useful. Their common effect is based on the maintenance in the herbs of essential oils that excite the skin. Extracts from nettles, chamomile, calamus, vanilla horsetail are added to the bath with water.