Edema on the ankle

Female 31 years old.
Ukraine Kharkov

Hello, I have swollen legs in the areaankles, especially this manifested itself in the summer, a small puffiness below the knee, but the bones of the ankles were practically not visible. Analysis of urine and uzi of internal organs of abnormalities was not revealed, the kidneys are healthy, not enlarged. The cardiogram showed a steady work of the heart, and the examination showed that there were no problems with the heart. Last summer, I had a little overweight and a sedentary lifestyle, so I thought that this could be the reason. Now the weight is almost normal, I do aerobics, and my legs practically do not swell, except for the outer side of the ankles (near the bone it looks like a little bump). But I'm afraid that in the summer everything will start again. The vessels are in order, they do not appear anywhere, asterisks or other symptoms described on the site do not. What kind of doctor should I contact and what can it be? Thanks for the help.