How to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa

Swelling of the nasal mucosa appears on thefor various reasons, often associated with bacteria, and sometimes is an allergy. Often swelling of the nose occurs during respiratory illnesses, but may appear in a completely healthy outwardly person. To ease its condition, it is necessary to treat edema with folk and traditional medicine. So, you need: antihistamines, sprays or drops, sea salt, chamomile broth, essential oils.

How to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa - methods

Treatment of mucosal edema is recommended by the following methods:

It is necessary to go to see a doctor-otolaryngologistto remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa. The doctor will examine the nasal passages and recommend therapy. In case you can not visit a doctor for some reason, you need to start therapy with your own forks, but it is important to remember that most drugs can cause allergy attacks. It is not allowed to treat children in improvised ways.

If you are allergic, and the mucus edema is causedan attack, then to remove it you need to drink an antihistamine, which you have already taken. Puffiness will subside after a few hours. To facilitate breathing, you need to rinse chamomile with a decoction of the nose. It is impossible to use other medicinal herbs, as they are able to provoke complications of the course of the disease.

When you feel not only the swelling of the mucous membrane,manifested by difficult breathing, but also a general malaise, it is provoked by microbes or viruses. To remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa, you must rinse the nasal passages with sea salt (2 teaspoons per glass of water). In addition, if you have a cold, you can use antihistamines.

In order to remove swelling, you can usevasoconstrictor drops. However, if you take them for more than 3-7 days, they are able to cause mucosal edema, because sometimes vasoconstrictive drops provoke an allergy. To relieve nasal congestion, it is desirable to use aerosol products, or sprays with vasoconstrictive action.

It is necessary to do inhalations over steam for the removal of edemathe nasal mucosa. Add to the hot water fir essential oils, as well as pine or cedar oil. It is necessary to inhalate the airways several times a day. From the time the puffiness subsides.

If nothing has helped you to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa, then you need to go to the clinic. Edema is sometimes caused by neoplasms in the nasal cavity, which appear due to respiratory disease.