Swelling of the vulva

Do not worry - the vagina as such I am veryI love, but I'm not going to bring down his "monologues" on you. I hate girls who talk about the vagina as if it has feelings and needs fashionable clothes!

I have completely depilated the region for many yearsbikini waxing. I delete all-all hairs, even those that hide in dark corners. That is, I can say without false modesty that I take care of the "bottom floor" carefully. But the day came when my stomach grew so much that my hands became short. Then I decided to make a vacation - a well-deserved vacation. I decided that once we have sex with my husband, we do not care, it does not matter how my "kisonka" looks like. There were days, then weeks, then months - and the Grand Canyon was overgrown with tropical jungles. I did not care. I did not see that.

And I was worried when, one day,washing up, noticed that somehow everything was swollen there. I was curious, and I decided to see what was going on there. I had to arm myself with a large mirror. Damn it! It's good that I did not stand. Imagine - the labia (these are longitudinal folds), I looked like two bulldogs under the terribly wiped blue carpet!

Why no one warned me about this. But there was nothing abnormal in this! During pregnancy, blood is poured into the causal animals, which causes them to swell, and sometimes turn purple or blue. True, such happiness does not fall to all. But I advise you to observe your own economy, and maybe even get the arrogance to ask your friends. I'm ready to argue for a large sum of money that many women looked in there - and saw two bulldogs under a blue carpet. And why no one is talking about this is another matter.

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