How to quickly remove the swelling in the nose

Several ways how to remove the swelling from the eyelids or bags under the eyes:

  1. Fresh cucumber. Grind the cucumber on the grater, put the gruel we put on the eyelids. We lie about fifteen minutes with such a mask. Cucumber mask, in addition to eliminating edema, removes bruises (dark circles) under the eyes and refreshes the skin. To cucumber slurry does not slip, you can cover it with a piece of gauze or bandage.
  2. Parsley leaves. Grind a large bunch of fresh parsley leaves. Squeeze the juice. Pour the juice of parsley wadded discs and put them on your eyelids. We lie with a compress of parsley juice for about fifteen minutes.
  3. Root of parsley. Grind the roots of parsley (with a knife, in a blender, grinder, on a grater). We put the received weight for ever. For about twenty minutes we lay with a mask. So that the crushed leaves do not slip, you can cover them with a piece of gauze or bandage.
  4. Mint. Grind the leaves of fresh mint. Then we put them on eyelids, from above we cover with wadded disks moistened in cold заленом tea or in cold water. We lay for about twenty minutes with a mask.
  5. Raw potatoes. Wet the raw potatoes grate and put this slurry on your eyelids. You can add chopped parsley or dill leaves in equal proportions. We lie with a mask of potatoes for about fifteen minutes, then carefully remove and wash off with cool water. The potato mask, in addition to eliminating swelling, cleans dark bruises under the eyes. So that the gruel does not slip, you can cover it with a piece of gauze or bandage.
  6. Tea. To remove swelling, you can use fresh strong brew tea black tea. For this purpose, tea bags and cotton pads soaked with tea (they need to be constantly moistened in brew) are suitable. Apply to the eyelids and you can hot brew for five minutes, and cold tea for ten to fifteen minutes. The product is effective, but after tea it is necessary to compress their cold water. The fact is that the tea is dyed. From constant tea compresses the eyelids darken.
  7. Chamomile. Pharmacy chamomile pour boiling water, let it brew for fifteen minutes. Then we moisten the wadded disk in the infusion and apply to the eyelids for fifteen minutes. You need to constantly moisten the cotton disc in the infusion.
  8. Cosmetic ice. To prepare ice, brewed fresh or dry medicinal herbs: chamomile, mint, lemon balm, linden flowers, parsley, dill, sage, turn. Herbs can be used one by one, can be collected. Cooled infusion strain and portioned freeze. The resulting ice wipe the skin in the morning.
  9. Contrast compress. To do this, take two spoons and two cups of water - with a cold and hot. In hot water we heat spoons, in a cold cool. Alternately apply to the eyelids then a hot, then a cold spoon. Contrast hot-cold quickly removes puffiness due to increased microcirculation.
  10. If, in addition to the swelling, you are concerned about reddened eyes, use compresses made of milk. To do this, you need to moisten a cotton swab in milk and hold it for a few minutes in closed eyes. The redness will disappear.

Finally. After any mask or compress wash your face with cool water and soft movements drive into the skin around the eyes eye cream.

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Swelling from the eyes well cleanses

tea. You can use green, black and chamomile. In black and green, there is tannin and caffeine. Tannin has a constrictive effect, swelling decreases. Koein blood vessels narrows, so puffiness also decreases. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory effect, redness is also removed. For lotions, tea should be brewed in boiling water (sachets), then cool the bags, taking out of the water. can be cooled in the refrigerator. After that - on the eyes.

Metal spoons. Take four spoons, they need to be cooled and two left in a glass of cold water, and two to put on your eyes, given the contour of the eye sockets. When warm, change to cold from a glass, and so continue until the swelling begins to subside. The fact is that the cold narrows the blood vessels, and the metal heats up longer than just a cloth moistened with cold water.

Instead of water, you can use milk,chilled. Here an important point is the temperature. As with spoons, milk is heated longer. while the milk fat from the milk will soften the irritated skin. You need to use wadded disks, which you need to change as they heat up.

Cucumbers contain ascorbic acid and caffeine(also) acid, which help with swelling. The circles of the cucumber must first be cooled (to do this, put the slices beforehand on the ice), then put the cold on your eyes and - relax for about ten minutes.

Egg whites. It has B2, it's riboflavin, it improves blood circulation. Also, proteins tighten the skin, it will become softer and more elastic. Proteins should be beaten to a steep foam, then apply a brush under the eyes. Hold it for 15 minutes, then wash it off. In proteins, you can add gamamalisa extract, this anti-edematous effect will increase, and the protein will not dry out longer.

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