Sinusitis without pus with swelling of the sinuses

Symptoms of sinusitis are someCharacteristic signs, one of which is considered edema of the nasal mucosa. In general, the mucosa performs a barrier function, preventing the penetration of infections into the body.

When it becomes inflamed and there is swelling,for example, with genyantritis, this is the fulfillment of the barrier function: so the nasal mucosa struggles with foreign particles that have penetrated into the body and signals a person about a possible danger to health. Also, the swelling may touch the eye area and in general the face, but in these cases it is possible to talk about the effects of the disease on the body. Remove puffiness as a symptom - does not mean complete recovery, with maxillary sinusitis complex treatment is important. Struggling directly with the disease, all its unpleasant symptoms will also pass.

Mucus edema as a symptom of genyantritis

Edema of the nasal mucosa in genyantritis appears in response to the action of certain stimuli. They can be:

  • Respiratory infections in which edema does not allow foreign substances to spread to other organs,
  • hypothermia (due to low temperature ciliated cilia in the nose stop performing their functions, which provokes inflammation and swelling),
  • allergens and certain medicines (eg sprays), which initially lead to an increase in nasal secretion, which provokes swelling.

Also with genyantritis can provoke swellingfeatures of the structure of the nose, for example, curvature of the septum, the presence of adenoids or polyps in the nose. Violations of the integrity of the mucosa also act as a cause of edema, since even minor mechanical effects in a common runny nose can lead to rupture of the membrane and its inflammation.

Edema of the nasal mucosa leads to the appearance of some unpleasant symptoms:

  • redness,
  • swelling,
  • nasal congestion,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • discharge from the nose,
  • headache,
  • frequent sneezing,
  • distortion of the voice.

It is important to remove the swelling of the mucosa, since possiblethe consequences of these symptoms in sinusitis can be much harder and more dangerous than just unpleasant sensations. The sooner the treatment begins, the more effective it will be.

Consequences of sinusitis in the form of puffiness

Usually, treatment of sinusitis begins earlier thanthere will be some more changes in appearance, for example, swelling of the face. But puffiness of the face at a genyantritis - not a rarity. If the sinusitis is unilateral, i.e. the inflammation touched the maxillary sinus on the one hand, then swelling can manifest only on this side of the face - on the cheek, near the eye and near the nose. If the genyantritis touched both sinuses, the swelling can affect both sides of the face.

Separately, we can consider the situation when the eyes swell. This is a rare, but still possible complication of sinusitis. It can appear for several reasons:

  • a permanent mechanical effect, for example, with tearing (the situation when, due to the proximity of the sinuses and ducts of the eye, conjunctivitis develops)
  • difficult outflow of fluid,
  • general intoxication of the body,
  • disrupting the kidneys due to taking antibiotics.

In the genyantritis, the eye swelling is usually represented inlike a bag under it. Sometimes the upper or lower eyelid may be inflamed. Due to the increase of the maxillary sinuses, the intraocular pressure rises. As the tear ducts of the eye are squeezed, tearing increases. Eyes adapt to such processes by increasing blood flow, because of which the place of swelling also reddens. Redness in this case means that the body is trying to fight the infection. Especially noticeable are swelling under the eyes with sinus after sleeping.

The swelling of the face decreases as the complextreatment of sinusitis. To determine the necessary treatment measures, you need to contact an otolaryngologist who will select the right drugs or procedures depending on the specific symptoms. In the initial stages with sinusitis, you can cope exclusively with medications, in more complex cases - with purulent sinusitis - the procedure of puncturing or rinsing the nasal sinuses will help, in the most neglected cases, treatment is performed in the hospital. Unpleasant symptoms, including swelling, will begin to disappear as the treatment progresses.

Directly for removing the edema of the nasal mucosa with genyantritis the following means are used:

  • Antihistamines. A specific medicine is prescribed by the doctor depending on the severity of the condition. Usually, these drugs are used once a day in the evening in order to normalize sleep and allow the body and the immune system to recover as much as possible.
  • Vasoconstrictors. The choice of such drugs is now huge, but all these tools have one feature: they can not be used too often. The fact is that drops for the nose, which have a vasoconstrictive effect, cause addiction to the mucosa, because of which the vessels of the nose will be unable to self-contract. Use them can be no longer than a week 3-4 times a day. It is necessary to use these funds before bedtime, which will effectively clean the nose and sinuses from pus and mucus, thereby improving nasal breathing. This will ensure a healthy sleep and a better recovery of the body.

As more gentle methods of getting rid of the mucosal edema, consider:

  • use of solutions that remove inflammation (furacilin, boric acid solution, oily and brine solutions),
  • warming of the sides of the nose and nose bridge (salt or any croup is wrapped in tissue and heated to a tolerable temperature, then these bags are used as compresses)
  • carrying out inhalations on the broths of various herbs (calendula, sage, chamomile), the alternative may be taking a shower, since it is useful for warm (but not hot) and moist air,
  • light massage of edematous spots on the face, which accelerates the stagnation of blood (with increased metabolism and swelling begins to subside).

If the eyes are strongly swollen with genyantritis, you canuse special ointments or drops, they also have a vasoconstrictive effect and accelerate blood flow. Spots and wipes with warm water also help to remove eye swelling.

If treatment of sinusitis does not help to cope with the problem of puffiness of the face, you should visit a doctor once again: the problem may not be only in the sinusitis.

How to cope with intrusive sinusitis, how to properly treat, so that there are no complications - about this in the following video:

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