Why the nose becomes swollen

I would like to know why the bridge of the nose hurts? In general, the nose begins to whine from one side of the nose - a little lower than the line from the corner of the eye. It is aching and pressing, and then the head starts to ache. Yesterday the pain was audible on the one hand, today changed to another. I can not get to the ENT in the clinic, the doctor is sick, and to the unfamiliar doctors paid for a fee to walk. Well, on the other hand, it may not be relevant to the lorvrach. Nothing flows from the nose, there is no rhinitis. Tell me, please, who in the know, what can I have?

The best answer to the question: "Why does the nose bridge hurt?":
The reasons why the bridge of the nose hurts, can be the following:

Pain may occur due to the fact that the integrity of the tissues after the transferred injury.

Inflammation in the nasal cavity narrows. Sometimes, completely disappears, so the nasal discharge does not leave the nose and contribute to painful sensations. The pain becomes less when the nasal cavity is cleared, and the discharge unhindered from the cavity and sinuses of the nose.

With this disease can often appearsevere pain in the nose bridge, there is swelling of the face, redness of some part of the face, there is a profuse discharge from the nose and lacrimation. These painful sensations most often occur at night and can last as a short time, and up to several days.

Rhinitis - an inflammatory process that takes place in the mucosa of the nasal cavity. As a result of this disease, pain in the bridge of the nose may occur.