The child swells at night

Hello. My daughter is 5 years old, she is often a runny nose, usually treated protargola 3x3 -5 days prohodilo.2 months ago she had a runny nose started again. first in the morning began to pawn the nose, then day and night and + the ear ached and we ran to the doctor! (temperature nebylo, I dripped nazivin at the request of the child, when pawned - 2 -3 times a day, I thought that it would pass). The doctor has directed on a roentgen of nasal sinuses, he has shown a blackout - have told or said that a genyantritis, temperatures nebylo. Treated with antibiotics: Sumamed - 5 days, in the ear boric alcohol, protargol in the nose. It became better, but at night it is necessary to drip from / to narrow. drops still pawns the nose before bed. We went to LOR again. he said that everything is normal and the ear and nose, probably the adenoids increased and appointed protargol -7 days, then butter thuja 3x2p - 18 days. Have handed over analyzes a blood and urine in norm or rate, ezinofily in norm or rate. While there is no effect, we are still dripping at night 1 time with / tapering. a preparation (Otrivin). without him in any way. Tell me, please, what should we do?

Most likely, you after a genyantritis and notthe work of the nasal mucosa was restored and at night the nose is still swelling. Try to discuss with your ENT doctor an opportunity to undergo a course of physiotherapy, for example KUF (tube-quartz) in the nose and throat. Usually it helps both with post-inflammatory edema of the nose, and with an increase in adenoids against the background of inflammation.

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