Puffiness at the beginning of the eyebrow

Yesterday I squeezed out a pimple between the beginning of the eyebrow and the bridge of my nose, I applied Vishnevsky ointment, and in the morning my eyes swelled, what should I do?

Pimples crush nelbzya, although it seems natural, when you look in the mirror and see there is a disgrace. In the nature of mirrors there. And extrusion of pimples it is not provided.
Vishnevsky's ointment ... I do not even know what to say about it ...
Go to the surgeon on reception - can that will register, that there was no infection of a blood.
Take some textbook on biology, wheredescribe the delicate structure of the tissues of the human body. Esteem and estimate that under the pressure on the pimple, there is a high probability of breaking loose membranes that separate the infected part of the pimple from a healthy (temporarily healthy, as it turns out) tissue. And estimate that near the eye this is especially dangerous, since the eye we have no more than 2 for life.
I wish to be healed successfully.

The skin around the eyes is very gentle. Even cosmetics are not advised to impose on eyelids, and ointment to you for certain it was possible to smear on them. Here and absorbed. Swelling in this case is quite natural.

Why on your own so to experiment? Ointment Vishnevsky generally causes swelling of the tissues, especially in the blonde. It is used to accelerate the maturation of boils, to soften the tissues. You pimple squeezed out, you had to burn with iodine or alcohol (carefully). Apply a tincture of calendula, it removes puffiness, disinfects, reduces inflammation.

the best answer I answer. You have started inflammation because you have infected the wound. (Well, you still need to know what color the swelling is, how strong it is, like seeing) You need to go to the hospital and as soon as possible.

And about acne, you can not really press them, especially on your face. Eleona correctly said that you can not explain why.

Pimple is an accumulation of pus. And through the face there are many small vessels. When you press a pimple, then break its structure, pus begins to move quickly to the vessels.
There is a chance that the infection will get into the eye or even into the brain! Then you can remain a fool for the rest of your life or blind for one eye.
If you have a pimple:
1) Cauterize it with salicylic alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
2) Smear with tetracycline ointment (3%)
And that's all. In the morning, no pimples.
If they need a lot to look for the cause of appearance, eat right, do not take alcohol, quit smoking.