How to deal with the swelling of the body

Puffiness. Causes and methods of struggle

Often in the mornings even, despite the fact that we seem to have slept, the bags under the eyes become noticeable. There are different causes of puffiness.

Puffiness may appear if you have had a drink in the eveninga lot of water, and qualitatively use it in the right direction, the body did not have time, so there were swelling under the eyes. This can be avoided. If you want to quickly cope with this problem, you have to do it every time. To tone the skin of the face it is useful to carry out alternate washing of cold and hot (not boiling water) water - you will make the vessels shrink, expand, they will free themselves of excess fluid.

There is also a more effective way. Drink more liquid, this refers to clean water without gases. Only drink water during the day on a glass every 1.5-2 hours. As a result, the body will receive water in a volume that is convenient for its assimilation, and water will be eliminated gradually.
Another reason is that you are not moving much. This is especially true for people who have a sedentary job. There is only one way out - move more. You must determine for yourself the nature of physical activity. Take up swimming, fitness, walk on foot to the office - anything that can move the body.

The next reason is that you may have problems with the excretory system. In this case, a doctor's consultation is required.

The causes of this phenomenon can be and diseases. These include disorders of the endocrine system, heart problems, kidney and liver problems, vascular disease. Swelling on the face can also be a consequence of a lack of a number of trace elements and vitamins, improper diet, violation of the daily regimen or overwork. In case of regular appearance of swelling of the face, one should consult a doctor, undergo examination, and find out the true cause of edema.

Treatment of edema of the face with folk remedies

In addition to the treatment that your doctor prescribes for you, you can control the swelling of the face with the following means.
First of all, take strict control overthe amount of salt you use, excess salt detains fluid in the body. Also, exclude the use of products that interfere with the removal of fluid and affect the severe swelling of the face: canned foods, smoked products and so on. Replace them with those that help remove excess fluid: carrots, watermelon, apples, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. Refuse a late dinner: eat it 3-4 hours before bedtime.
With strong and permanent edema, withdraw frombody liquid will help herbal infusions. Remove the swelling of the face can be with the help of cooling plastic masks with gel, which today can be bought everywhere. They will help eliminate the puffiness of the eyelids: just put a mask on your eyes and hold it for a few minutes. Leave an excess of salts from the body will help bay leaf. It is necessary to pour 3-4 leaves with boiling water and drink the composition on a tablespoon during the day.

Knowing the main causes of edema on the face, and methods for removing the edema, you can use them together, that is, complex treatment.

Solve the problem of puffiness, and you will notice howyour state of health has changed, and how the appearance has improved. Get rid of bags under the eyes, and the ankles will also become more elegant, the hands will again become flexible. The color of the face will be straightened out, and the sight will become clear.