Removal of puffiness after injury

From early childhood, a person faces bruisesdifferent degrees. The main causes of the injury is a fall or a strong blow with a blunt object over the skin. With a bruise, there is no rupture of the skin and soft tissues, but large or small blood vessels and capillaries located in bruised tissues are damaged: on the skin and in the organs under the skin. As a result of the injury, the damaged vessels bleed, which causes the accumulation of blood in the tissues in the area of ​​the bruise or bruise. With a small bruise, small blood vessels are damaged and blood flows into the inside of the tissue for 10-15 minutes. In case of more serious trauma: internal injuries, hemorrhage may last for a day. Also, with a bruise, soreness and swelling of the bruised place take place.

If the bruise was not strong, then the bruise passes, the painand edema pass without interference. Due to a more serious injury, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Among the various methods, the treatment of contusions by unconventional methods is particularly popular.

Help with an injury
• In case of a minor injury, apply ice to the site of the injury. Alternative medicine advises applying a piece of frozen meat to the bruise.
• In case of severe injury and suspected complications, the doctor should be consulted immediately, which in the first hours after injury will eliminate internal bleeding.
• If there is no doctor nearby, then immediately afterwardsIn order to receive an injury, the victim must be completely at rest, apply a tight bandage to the injury site when injuring the limb, and then apply ice or a cold compress. Cooling compresses are recommended during the first 24 hours. The limb must be kept high. The bandage should be weakened from time to time, so that blood circulation is not disturbed.
• In case of injury to the face or body, the dressing should be appliedit is impossible, therefore, it is necessary to apply cold compresses directly to the site of injury within 36-48 hours after injury. Then, after stopping bleeding, to remove puffiness it is necessary to warm up the bruised place. For treatment of edema in severe and moderate injuries, various physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed: UHF, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis.

Recipes of alternative medicine for the treatment of bruises
Linen plaster from hemorrhage. Take 1 tbsp.l. flaxseed seeds and pour them into powder. Mix the flax powder with 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil and apply on a clean linen napkin. Attach the napkin to the site of the injury. Change the bandage every 5-6 hours.
From bruises on the face, apply to the damaged areaa mask of bodyguard (sold in any pharmacy) and leave for 20-30 minutes. Do this mask 2-3 times a day. Attention: if the skin becomes red or lightly burned, immediately wash off the mask. The mask of the bodyguard has a side effect - it is possible the occurrence of an allergic rash and swelling.
If the joints are bruised after removing the coldcompress crumbled ground with camphor alcohol and drink decoction of Arnica flowers (1 teaspoon of flowers per 1 glass of water, cook over low heat for 5 minutes, insist 30 minutes, strain and drink in small sips throughout the day).
From bruises and abrasions do 2 times a day localhot baths or baths of English salt (300 grams of salt for 10 liters of hot water). The water temperature is 40-42 degrees. Immerse the damaged part of the body in the bath. Duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.

One of the original and unconventional methods of treating contusions is rubbing the bruised place with melted fat adder, which can be successfully replaced with badger or sour fat.
Rastirka from the infusion of Ledum flower. Take 10g of fresh herb tea and grind 200 puffs of boiling water. Infuse 1 hour in a thermos, drain, add alcohol 100 g. Rinse 2 times a day, bruised place.
Compress from cabbage leaves. Apply fresh cabbage leaves to the bruise 2-3 times a day. Apply a soft, warm cloth over the compress and fasten with a bandage.
Ointment from aloe with honey. Scroll in a meat grinder 2 sheets of five-year-old aloe and mix with 3 tablespoons. honey. Before use, the ointment is heated in a water bath. Lubricate bruised areas, abrasions and cuts every 3-4 hours.
Effective with bruising rubbing warm olive oil 4-6 times a day.
Anesthetic infusion from fruits of coriander seed (coriander). Pour 50 g of fruit 1 liter of boiled water, 10-15 minutes, strain and drink 1 glass 3 times a day.
Parsley dressing. Very finely chop the leaves of parsley and put on a linen napkin. Attach the napkin to the sore spot and fix it with a bandage. Change the bandage every 4-5 hours.
Stretch the bruised place with mustard oil 2-3 times a day.

It is very effective for the treatment of bruises, wounds and cuts the following remedies, which are successfully used by non-traditional medicine.
• Take 75 g of fresh burdock roots. Wash, dry, grind and fold in a glass pan of dark glass. Pour the roots of 200ml of vegetable oil and warm in a water bath on low heat for 30 minutes. Insist during the day and put in the refrigerator. Lubricate the damaged area immediately after bruising and wounds.
• Take a black laundry soap, crush iton grater. For the ointment, we need 30 g of soap powder. Mix soap with ammonia and camphor oil in a proportion of 1: 1: 1. Pour into the mixture 50 ml of lamp-lamp oil and 1 cup of white turpentine. Stir well and lubricate this ointment with bruised areas.
• In case of injury to the nail, treat the finger completely with iodine and apply iodine mesh to the hand. After on the bruised fingernail, apply a pressure bandage.
• As a cold compress, you can use metal coins immediately after the impact.
These tips are recommended to apply in case the degree of damage is not serious. In other cases it is necessary to immediately contact a trauma center for qualified assistance.