Than you can remove the swelling in the nose

If you have recently suffered a nose injury, it is possible that the displacement of the septum adversely affects your health. In this case, urgently consult a trauma doctor.

When the nasal mucosa contacts the allergen,characteristic symptoms are sneezing, rapid edema of the nasal mucosa and the release of transparent watery branches. Rinse your nose with warm water and release the nose from the discharge. Be sure to exclude contact with the allergen. After 10 minutes, the swelling of the nose will come down and normal breathing will recover.

With a cold disease, difficulty appearsnasal breathing and runny nose. The danger of acute rhinitis is the rapid growth of the inflammatory process. To reduce the burden on the mucous, perform a syringing of the nose. For this, prepare a regular rubber syringe or a disposable syringe without a needle. For washing, use a saline solution prepared at home. In one liter of boiled water, dissolve one teaspoon of table salt and two drops of iodine. Rinse your nose can not be more than two or three times a day.

If at hand there was no anti-inflammatoryor vasoconstrictor drops, it is possible to apply instillation in the nose of tea brewing, beet juice, Kalanchoe juice and aloe, or mixed in equal proportions of onion juice and boiled vegetable oil. Tilt the head in such a way that the line from the nose to the ear goes down. Raise the tip of the nose and open the nostrils. Drip no more than three drops into each nostril.

Simultaneously with local treatment, beginrestorative procedures. You can use anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen, aspirin, analgin, panadol. If you are a supporter of alternative medicine, then start a general warming with abundant hot drink in the form of herbal tea with honey, raspberries and lemon. Before going to bed, prepare a hot tub with mustard for your feet and steely solder the soles of your feet. These actions will contribute to reflex stimulation and help to remove the swelling of the nose. Well warmed nasal sinuses and upper throat, herbal inhalation.