Edema of forehead and nose

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Hello. Help or assist, please - at the son (1 year 8 months) an allergic edema on the face.

In the morning he cough and looked strange (his eyesseemed swollen), I even measured the temperature (normal), the cough passed. Still had a swollen upper lip. I thought he hit, but there was not a trace. The tumor was slightly reddened, in the swollen place as if a speck of a barely noticeable rash.
An hour later, the tumor looks slightlyshifted, then the lip became normal size and there was a reddish swelling near the mouth. And also it seemed to me that there is a slightly noticeable rash. Then the tumor went off.
After a day's sleep the child woke up normal,and after half an hour, the eyelids, the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose began to swell. Eyes (especially the left) narrowed from the tumor. The eyebrows were red. In the right century, the tumor was still swelling (as if there was a lymph node or something like that), this swelling shifted from the bridge of the nose to the middle of the century.
Now (within one and a half to two hours) the swelling became less, at the nose, completely asleep. The eyes are still not completely open, the eyelids are swollen and slightly pink.
An important point: while the swelling increased the son coughs and breathed heavily.
At the same time it feels normal, plays. Maybe a little more than usual, he is capricious.

The causes of allergies can be several:
1. Most likely: hair dye - I dyed my hair on Saturday night, and the baby sleeps with us in one bed, I feed it with breast. Also in favor of this reason is the fact that his son had already coughed yesterday morning. Then we drove out of town and I did not contact my son until the night.
2. Were yesterday at a party, where a large moulting dog lives. But we talked with the dog before, nothing like that happened.
3. Again, at home, his son ate all kinds of non-childlike things like chocolate, juices and salads.

1. What does the patient look like? pinkish swelling
2. Chilly or hot (not at all, but at this moment, with a fever) Rather hot, runs in one T-shirt, slightly sweated (the apartment is hot)
3. A level of thirst Has suggested to have a drink, has agreed, drank slightly, without greed
4. What language? The lips? - wet
5. Whether there is a diarrhea, or a vomiting is not present. Vomiting was last night (when I got home I vomited once, I thought that I had overeaten or punctured in the car)
6. Handles and legs feel more hotter than usual, or cool, despite the temperature? Now cool, no temperature
7. How the patient behaves - active, but some weak - falls more often, on level ground
8. His appetite, desire in food? at lunch I did not eat well (but this is often the last two months). Now I have not given up cookies. Let's just say, now there is an appetite for cookies
9. Some special symptoms in the behavior, psyche, mood that manifested only with the disease. No.
10. What surprises you in the patient at the moment? Nothing but the appearance (face from the tumor varies greatly)

Age of the child 1year 8months.
Height 83 cm, weight about 11 kg (slender complexion)
The hair is light, the skin is light, the eyes are brown.

What frightens me most is that my son was breathing heavily and podkashlival, it was not long, but two times exactly, even three (the first time - yesterday morning - was not associated with allergies)

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Yesterday I gave an appendix of 3 peas at about 18.30. In the evening everything was fine, the swelling gradually subsided, but the face was still puffy.
When the son fell asleep, he immediately coughed heavily, then slept well at night, but several times he cried out and cried. Something was bothering me, maybe my stomach, it seemed tight to me.

In the morning I woke up with swelling: upper lip, eyelids (and eyelids, where the eyelashes and above the eyes), but there was no redness. I seemed more swollen right side. The head felt hotter than usual, but literally 5 minutes after waking the forehead became cool, the swelling began to subside, the eyes became more round.

Now swollen only eyelids above the eyes (where there is no swelling of the eyelashes), the nose bridge is a little, maybe cheeks.

Features in the behavior: slightly preoccupied, did not want to get up one morning, pulled my hand. Until I went down on a large, concentratedly walked back and forth. As if slightly insecure-everywhere trying to walk with Dad (around the apartment), one does not play. It happens that he prefers not to play alone, dad drags, but today is stronger than usual.

About the chair: usually the son walks around the big every morning. On Saturday, the chair was in the morning, as usual. On Sunday there was no, on Monday (yesterday afternoon slightly, a small solid spool). This morning went a lot and gently. Could it be in this constipation?
Yesterday my son used to write more often than usual and gradually.

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