What to do with swelling of the nasal mucosa

Lina Volkova The Thinker (6948), closed 6 years ago

The fact is that we are three weeks on the Zodak.
And before that were on Lomilan.
we drink warm narzan without gases.
Milk is warm with butter or just sweet.
The doctor for a long time already can not help or assist us nothing. Last time advised to gargle a soda a soda.
But the soda dries the mucous!
At night dry cough. Sometimes vzahleb.Inogda cough wet due to being detached in the nose.
Removed all the toys, we do a wet cleaning, there is an air purifier.
But the allergist told us that until all is faded, the allergy will torment us.
Advised to give Ketotifen syrup, but we can not find it anywhere. He had not been in pharmacies for six months.
advise. that the thread))) really do not know what can be facilitated this vasomotor process.
I am an allergic person with experience, but I use Nasobek.a this hormonal medicine.
I splash the baby with Cromohexal, but the effect is not long. Too fast to get used to

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LOMILAN IS LAROTADIN. (claritin, claridol, and derivatives)
ZODAK - CYTURISM. (hexal, parasitic, zirtek)


Sunflower Mudrets (19140) 6 years ago

Oh, it's useless to clean, wash, wipe andtd It will be his EVERY spring and nothing will help, only to relieve. I was told that after the birth will pass. Where there. Today, after a day's sleep, the children could not walk a walk, okay, at least until an hour's sleep snatched.
try Erius to buy in syrup

Lina Volkova The Thinker (6948) 6 years ago

He's causing an all-around allergy, damn it.

Natalya Veselova Thinker (8731) 6 years ago

antihistamine is necessary and very helpful for allergic rhinitis drops Nazoneks. A cough may be due to the fact that the discharge in the nose is released into the throat.

Julia Khutornaia Enlightened (36712) 6 years ago

try to wash your nose after every walk along the street with Aquamoris (probably, you can also use Narzan). change street clothes completely to home
but the advice from the meetings of Maznev (Dikul's friend). cream of crushed aspirin and pure pork fat in a ratio of 1: 4 to lubricate the baby's breast within 10 days

A source: N. Maznev * Encyclopedia of Traditional Medicine *, p. 399

Black Enlightened (28127) 6 years ago

poor child. milk with butter, do not rape it.
Buy Claritin or Clarotodin. There is also a child Suprastin. One tablet helps almost immediately and into the nose of a droplet such as Otrivin or Preos.

Sasha Мудрец (10725) 6 years ago

Lingerie dry in the apartment (on blkone, the street is a lotpollen) at night close the window (if open), if the hair is long (do not understand the girly you or a guy) wash before going to sleep hair-in them for a day, too, the pollen accumulates and irritates at night.
you can also go through therapy,on what at you an allergy-in current of long time (from three years and longer) it is necessary to put nyxes of an allergen. starting with a low dosage, the whole organism becomes addicted to the allergen and the body's reaction to it is dulled. unfortunately I do not know how it is called in Russian, what does the doctor say about possible terpiii?

Barhatna Artificial Intelligence (349569) 6 years ago

As far as I know, warm water and milk fromallergies do not help. This is a good remedy for cold cough. Descend or go to other allergist, hand over analyzes to precisely know on what an allergy, What means, yet will not budge? Flowering begins in May and ends in August. And while there is an allergic reaction, medications help, but the effect is minimal.

Elena K Profi (895) 6 years ago

Ketotifen is in tablets, I'm allergic toLorahexal gave her time to her daughter, she helped us. Kromogeksal helped us a little. And in the past year I tried Sanorin an analgesic for the nose, it helps very well. But again, you do not write what age of the child, so it is better to consult a doctor, you can even with a pediatrician, there may be contraindications. And it's also very good with allergies helps to wash the nasal sinuses with cold water from the syringes. If the baby is not breast-fed, try and help it well! In general, an allergist is right: until all is discolored, nothing can go. Temper the child, and gradually all with age must pass. I already passed this, my daughter had severe forms of allergy, but I never forbid her anything. Now she is 20 years old, she lives in St. Petersburg, with allergies practically do not suffer! Good luck to you, recover!

1 - There is a selector - ARD (20 minutes processedpoint on the hand, there is a statement in the instructions) helps. I do not know what the validity period is for the duration, but at the moment everything is pretty not bad. (we also have such a problem with the husband)
2 - I taught advice from a friend. Spic ku wrap wrappings to the head, dipped in a solution - honey, olive oil and water (you can any vegetable) Proportion is not known, (perhaps evenly) Insert this match into the nostril right up to the head (only the head sticks out). lie on the side in which the nostril is inserted a match (an absurd proposal. I think it's understandable). under the towel's head t to will flow out of the mucus's nose. lie for 20 minutes. If it helps (it immediately immediately becomes clear), then make such procedures 5-6 in each nostril.

Here are 2 options. I can not vouch, but maybe.

Oh, how clever everyone is. Descend or go-ka you to the good allergist! You can be advised here, but the child is allergic and who knows how he will react to these medications! Only a good allergist will help you!

natalia pronina Profi (590) 6 years ago

address to LORu it is possible or probable at it or him adenoides at my child there was a similar situation too thought a hereditary allergy

Natalia Ryzhova Genius (63730) 6 years ago

A cat still lives in the house, if not secret.