Spray from the swelling of the nasal mucosa

You have a cold, and you know that he will go himself in a week. You just have to wait and wait.

But this week, you may have a date,an important business meeting, negotiations, presentation, speaking in public - any event in which a runny nose, sniff and a handkerchief in your hand will be very inopportune. And you want to buy an inexpensive spray from the common cold in order to drip one or two times in the most critical cases.

Below is a rating of the most inexpensivenasal products, the bottles of which are equipped with a dispenser with a dispenser and allow the drug to be inserted into the nose without tipping the head and counting the drops. Everything is simple, convenient and cheap. Choose:

The price of a bottle for 15 ml is 65 rubles or 25 UAH (0.05%).

The most famous spray is from the common cold, it is the sameof the most powerful decongestants. Edema in the nose begins to subside after 5-10 minutes after the application of the drug, the effect persists for 4-6 hours. We dedicated a separate article to him ...

Contraindicated for children under the age of 1 year, pregnant and breastfeeding women are prescribed only by a physician under strict indications. It is widely known that with continuous use for longer than 7-9 days causes "naphthyzine dependence".

Naphthyzine is the cheapest and best-selling spray for the common cold. The price is the same, but in the form of drops, for comparison, is 45 rubles.

The main competitor of Naftizine - Galazolin - is not available in the form of a spray. In the drops costs 37 rubles per bottle per 10 ml.

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The price is 75 rubles (30 UAH) per 15 ml bottle (0.1%).

Has the same active substance as the mentioned Galazolin. After instillation into the nose, it acts more slowly than Naftizine, but its effect lasts longer - up to 8-10 hours.

Not suitable for children under 2 years. When pregnancy is contraindicated, with lactation can be used as directed by a doctor. In general, a worthy competitor of Naphthyzin with the same drawbacks: with prolonged continuous use, it can itself provoke congestion of the nose and swelling of the mucosa. For a single use - an effective inexpensive spray from the common cold. The price of the same means, but in the form of drops - 30 rubles.

The price is 70 rubles (28 UAH) per 15 ml bottle (0.05%).

The rhinonorm is an analog of the Rhinostop, has the sameactive substance. Can be used in the same cases and has the same contraindications. Although the price of a bottle of the same volume is slightly lower than that of Rhinostop, the concentration of the active substance in the preparation is two times lower. This means that Rinonorm is inferior to Rhinostop in terms of the speed and duration of his action.

The price is 90 rubles (36 UAH) per bottle for 20 ml (0.05%).

The drug is based on oxymetazoline. It is believed that it acts more gently on the mucous membranes than those based on xylometazoline or naphazoline. At the same time, the concentration of the active substance in Nesopin is small, and it is intended mainly for relatively light cases, when the nose is not completely embedded. Removes edema in 15-30 minutes, it takes 6-8 hours.

The advantage of Nesopin is a large bottle - with the right application of a single purchase it will last for the entire season of colds.

The price is 95 rubles (38 UAH) per 10 ml bottle (0.1%).

Also a drug based on xylometazoline. Similar to Rinostop, not used for children under 6 years. Effective, acts quickly enough and is a good tool for one-time or non-permanent use.

The price is 100 rubles (40 UAH) per 10 ml bottle (0.1%).

Also an analog of Rhinonorm and Rhinostop. All that is said for them is also relevant for Tizin Xylo (but not for Tysin's simple!).

The price is 130 rubles (52 UAH) per 15 ml bottle (0.05%).

A relatively young spray from the common cold, which has already become popular. Its active substance is xylometazoline, and therefore it is an analog of Rhinonorm, Rhinostop and Tizin Xylo.

The price is 145 rubles (58 UAH) per 15 ml bottle (0.05%).

German preparation on the basis of oxymetazoline. Sufficiently delicate to the mucous membrane of the nose, less likely to become addictive. On sale there is the same spray from the common cold, but in bottles of 30 ml and at a price of 225 rubles. For a single use, a small vial will be enough, if a runny nose occurs often, you can immediately buy a large bottle, so as not to run again to the pharmacy.

The price is 145 rubles (58 UAH) per 15 ml bottle.

This spray is one of the most commonfunds from the common cold for children older than 4 years. Its active ingredient is phenylephrine, which is considered the safest vasoconstrictor component for children. Nevertheless, Nazol Kids is suitable not only for young patients, but also for adults. In general, from really children's funds Nazol Kids is the most inexpensive spray from the common cold.

The price is 135 rubles (54 UAH) per 10 ml bottle.

Like Nasol, Nazivin has oxymetazoline as an active ingredient. It is prescribed for children over 6 years of age, according to the permission of the doctor, it can be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Find among the cheap sprays from the cold the remedy for an infant does not work. For children under one year, sprays can not be used at all. The only form of drugs from the common cold is drops.

List of other coryza sprays with prices

Surely readers have noticed that the list of the mostThe only drugs that have a vasoconstrictive effect have gotten cheap sprays. Indeed, all other means are much more expensive, although it is among them that safer and more effective drugs should be sought. Therefore, for reference, we give a list of other sprays from the common cold, and indicate their prices and purpose:

  1. Kromogeksal - a drug for the prevention of allergic rhinitis and for fighting colds in ARVI. The price is 165 rubles (65 UAH) per 15 ml bottle;
  2. Cromoglin is an analog of Kromohexal. Its price is the same;
  3. Pinosol is an emollient to relieve the symptoms of the common cold. The price is 205 rubles (82 UAH) per 10 ml bottle;
  4. Rinoflumacil is an Italian preparation for loosening snot and facilitating their removal from the nose. Contains vasoconstrictor component. The price is 290 rubles (115 UAH) per 10 ml bottle;
  5. Polidex with phenylephrine is a remedy based on polymyxin and neomycin antibiotics, which also contains a vasoconstrictor component. The price is 305 rubles (122 UAH) per 15 ml bottle;
  6. Isofra - a drug based on the antibiotic framicetin, is used for bacterial rhinitis. The price is 330 rubles (132 UAH) per 15 ml bottle;
  7. Allergoodil - antihistamine intranasal spray, is intended for relief of allergic rhinitis symptoms. The price is 310 rubles (125 UAH) per 10 ml bottle.

Buy these sprays alone forIt is not worth it to get rid of a cold for a few hours. These funds should be included in the medicinal complex by a doctor in cases when the illness is prolonged or can be complicated, and the full treatment of it is carried out.

The most expensive sprays from the common cold

And just for the sake of acquaintance we will result some preparations from a rhinitis, the prices for which for the majority of buyers really bite:

  1. Grippferon is an interferon-based spray. Declared as an immunomodulator and a means of treating viral and bacterial rhinitis. The price is 400 rubles (160 UAH) per 10 ml bottle;
  2. IRS-19 is a drug based on bacterial lysates, which, according to the manufacturer, increases immunity and protects the nasal mucosa from infection. The price is 450 rubles (180 UAH) per 20 ml bottle;
  3. NAZAVAL - a spray from an allergic rhinitis. Known for its almost complete safety. The price is 470 rubles (188 UAH) per 500 mg bottle (200 doses);
  4. Bioparox is a remedy based on the antibiotic fusafungin. The price is 640 rubles (255 UAH) per bottle per 10 ml (400 doses);
  5. NAZONEX is a drug based on mometasone, a hormonal spray of local action, which helps to remove inflammation of the mucosa. The price is 1010 rubles (405 UAH) for 50 micrograms (120 doses).

Again, all these funds if appointed, then only by a doctor, only by indications and only for full treatment.

When it is necessary to look for a cheap spray from the common cold, and when is it better not to waste time on trifles?

And finally: all inexpensive nasal sprays are the means of symptomatic treatment. They will not relieve the patient of a disease that causes nasal congestion and rhinorrhea, but in most cases they also cause the development of drug rhinitis with prolonged use.

The doctor-otolaryngologist for certain will prompt, what agents will be effective from a rhinitis, and what of them still and are inexpensive enough

This means that looking for a cheap spray from the coldmakes sense only when it is obvious that the rhinitis itself is a temporary phenomenon, it will pass in a few days and is not associated with really serious diseases. And the cure for it is necessary only in order to get rid of unpleasant symptoms one or several times.

If the rhinitis lasts more than a week andhis symptoms are not weakened, and even more so, it is known that his cause is a serious serious illness, it is not worthwhile to look for an inexpensive spray purposefully. The main task here is to consult a doctor who prescribes treatment and prescribes specific means that are most effective in a particular situation.

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