Why the nasal mucosa is swelling

There are many reasons why the nose is laidand does not breathe. Violation of breathing through the nose leads to many troubles, such as headache, sleep disturbance, the inability to engage in even simple physical exertion. Consider the options for why this happens.

The reasons why your nose does not breathe

When respiratory diseases are often observeda strong cold, which in itself causes a prolonged stuffiness of the nose, which does not breathe. In this case, the mucous membrane of the nose becomes inflamed, because of swelling, the nasal passages overlap, why it becomes difficult for a person to breathe through the nose. When treating the nose, these problems are eliminated and breathing is restored.

If this process is started, the runny nose will acquire a chronic form. Subsequently, it will thicken, and the nasal mucosa will expand, and because of this, the nasal passages will overlap.

Nowadays people often suffer fromallergies. To understand why the nose does not breathe, it is necessary to conduct a study for an allergic reaction, since it can be one of the main causes of nasal breathing disorders. Because of the allergy, the nose is not breathing and the mucous membrane is swelling.

With an allergic reaction, the inflammatory process in the sinuses of the nose can not be cured by conventional means.

Other reasons why the nose is not breathing

To begin with, it is necessary to establish the reason whyit is necessary to eliminate, why the stuffy nose, as an allergy is a stable disease. For a long time it will cause a person inconvenience, if it is not treated.

The cause of disturbance of normal breathing, when the nosenot breathing, there may be adenoids (most often in children). In this disease, because of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, palatine tonsils increase, which then interfere with normal nasal breathing.

Why does this usually happen in a horizontalposition when a person goes to bed? Blood flows to the tonsils, and they increase. If the disease progresses, then during the day it becomes difficult to breathe through the nose.

In the process of a nose injury, the nasalseptum, because of this, the normal process of nasal breathing is disrupted. The nasal septum, when curved, rests against the nasal mucosa and traumatises it, causing a chronic rhinitis typical for such a case. From the nose are constantly observed discharge, it is difficult to breathe. In this case, it is necessary to perform a surgical procedure to eliminate the defect - curvature of the nasal septum.

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