Edema in the nose of the baby Komarovsky

Nikki Master (1110), closed 7 years ago

Runs, walks normally, as soon as you go to bedsleep, starts snoring and snoring. It can be seen that the nose is not breathing well, because the baby does not sleep and cries. Previously, this was not at all, if the sneezes always appeared, but now the nose is clean. Tell me, what could it be?

FAIRY Enlightened (23464) 7 years ago

It is necessary to measure the temperature of the body, and sniffingwithout detachable, it is an edema of the nasal mucosa, which makes breathing difficult, it occurs at the beginning of the disease, it can be instilled in the naphthysine spout at 1 drop into each nostril 3 times a day, but no more than 4 days (then it becomes addictive). If there is no temperature, swelling can be caused by an allergen somehow. Then, in addition to drops in the nose, you also need antihistamines to give suprastin in the age-related dosage.

Andrei Master (2187) 7 years ago

stern.boom Mudrets (17068) 7 years ago

Possible swelling of the mucosa. It happens because of the curvature of the nasal septum and for various other reasons. Consult a physician.

anna arama Master (1394) 7 years ago

Can, so adenoids are shown? or the mucous membrane of the nose swells (this happens without snot, although rarely). in fact, you should go to Laura.

possible polyps or sinusitis immediately consult a specialist

Svetlana Guru (2799) 7 years ago

At my daughter since 2.5 years such has begun. It turned out - adenoids. It is necessary to delete. Scary. But we have to.

Theresa Enlightened (32800) 7 years ago

can adenoids or allergies (just the nose inside swells), go to the loru

Tatyana Esipovich Master (1670) 7 years ago

Maybe he's allergic. We must obligatorily go to the doctor.

Snezana Enlightened (22132) 7 years ago

Serve antiviral (anaferon, viferon, aflubin). massage spout asterisk slightly, complex drops. And calcium inside.

Vitaliy Pupil (226) 7 years ago

It is necessary not to delay immediately to see a doctor

Scorpio, white and fluffy Enlightened (22506) 7 years ago

Adenoids so are shown. But do not rush to delete. Let them heal. We were cured.

Svetlana Tigrova Mudrets (11069) 7 years ago

lora seem, most likely adenoids. at the University a good children's consultation

Tatyana Kuznetsova Guru (2951) 7 years ago

Natalia Kaplun Master (1521) 7 years ago

Go and take a picture. My child had a third degree, snored heavily at night, his mouth was always open, there was no snot. To treat medicamentally it is already impossible, have performed operation under the general or common narcosis in Tushinsky hospital.

tanya mosquito Enlightened (48035) 7 years ago

Allergies, cats should not be in the house, dogs, fish and birds. it's all their fault.

svetlana iconnikova Pupil (120) 2 months ago

Good morning. son 4 years old, the nose is laid! No snot! my mouth is open all night! breathes hard! what to do. (I'm going to take him to Laura)