How to remove swelling from the face in the morning

Water is necessary for the human body tomaintenance of all life processes without exception. The fact that we all consist of water at least 60%, everyone remembers from the time of school lessons in biology. And what about the remaining 40%? From the point of view of chemistry, this volume is occupied by biologically significant organic and inorganic substances: macro- and microelements. Their mass fraction is on average the same for all people. But, as soon as the ratio of these or those elements changes, this imbalance immediately reflects on the state of health and appearance. And the most common case of such a violation: a delay in the body of the fluid, when its amount exceeds the very 60%. As a rule, this leads to excess sodium in the blood and tissues, but there are other possible causes.

In any case, fluid retention with soft tissuesthe human body externally manifests itself as puffiness. This phenomenon is unpleasant on either side, however you look: it causes physical discomfort, makes mobility difficult and makes a person unattractive. Depending on the location on the body, swelling interferes with dressing, wearing or putting on make-up. And, if swelling on the hands and feet can still be hidden under the clothes of spacious styles, then the swollen face can not hide from others. Therefore, to remove puffiness from the face is important as soon as possible, until it has not managed to spoil your mood and the whole coming day. How to do it quickly and effectively - depends on the type of edema and the reasons they are caused.

Why does the face swell?
"Mechanism" of fluid retention in the bodyrather simple and completely logical - as, in fact, most other physiological processes programmed in us by nature. The human body needs a certain amount of water, and when its level approaches the lower limit, it tries to keep the life-giving moisture in every way possible. The same happens if the body mistakenly takes a water-salt imbalance for lack of moisture. Osmotic pressure (more simply - water-salt exchange through the walls of cells) should regulate these conditions. But, as soon as there is little water to dissolve minerals, or vice versa - the concentration of minerals is too high, both of these phenomena equally provoke fluid retention.

The quantity and quality of chemicals dependsfrom their entry into the body from the outside (with food, cosmetics and medical products) and controlled by internal mechanisms. Therefore, the fluid can be retained by the body in different ways, often independent of each other and not connected at all. In order to identify the pattern, you need to analyze your diet and lifestyle, and women, other things being equal, are more likely to develop edema than men. Known are such common for both sexes and individual factors leading to puffiness of the face (less often - other areas of the body):
  1. Food. That after eating salty and smokedyou want to drink food, everyone knows. But are they all ready for the fact that, after soaking up this thirst, the liquid will not leave the body soon, but will linger and form swelling? Alcohol acts on water-salt metabolism in the human body in a similar way. And edema caused by excess salt, preservatives, spices and alcohol, can last for several days.
  2. Taking medication. Some components of medicines mayviolate the permeability of cell membranes and the rate of water-salt exchange through them. Similar side effects are often accompanied by the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The corresponding drugs act by expanding the diameter of the vessels. This worsens the outflow of blood, causes it to stagnate and prevents the timely withdrawal of excess water from the body. In addition, some sports nutrition products to increase muscle mass cause fluid retention by default, this is the basis for their effectiveness.
  3. Sleep in an uncomfortable position. After long trips in a bus or car, whenfor a long time your body is in the same fixed position, the circulation of blood and lymph is broken. As a result, calves and feet become swollen, become bulky and "poured" with water. The same thing happens to your face at night, if you fall asleep and till the morning lie so that the skin can not breathe properly, and the blood circulates and supplies oxygen to the cells. In particular, a sleep face in the pillow almost guarantees swelling of the eyelids, chin and neck by morning. Sleep in a stuffy room, too, fraught with morning swelling.
  4. Hormonal imbalance - a temporary but sensitive cause of edema. Usually 3-4 days before the start of menstruation, women notice that in the morning their face looks puffy, and the eyelids are swollen. This puffiness of the person passes after the termination of menstruation, and its appearance in varying degrees of severity should be considered peculiarities of the body. Menopause can also cause swelling on the face.
  5. Heat. Many people suffer from swelling in the summer. When the thermometer's column rises above the 25 degree mark, the straps of the sandals begin to hurt painfully in the feet, the rings are not worn on the fingers, and the face turns red and swells. In this case, the overheated organism requires drinking, which only aggravates the water-salt imbalance and fluid stagnation in soft tissues.
  6. Pathology of internal organs and their systems cause chronic edema. This is the most serious cause of puffiness, it is necessary to fight it from the inside, using complex therapy under the guidance of professional medics. The fluid retention may be affected by cardiac, endocrine, renal diseases. Often, swelling is a signal of violations in the liver, lymph drainage and protein metabolism. Any initiative in getting rid of such symptomatic swelling is prohibited.
How to relieve swelling at home
Certainly determine the cause of fluid accumulationon your face can only a doctor. And yet, by some indications, it is possible to find out how serious the circumstances that caused puffiness. So, if with a measured lifestyle and a moderate intake of salty foods you regularly see in your mirror your features swollen - seek professional diagnosis. Well, and if you found puffiness in the morning after the party, then you can try to get rid of it with available tools:
  1. Charging. Moderate physical activity and body reductionin a natural vertical position for him, can reduce the puffiness of the face already in the first minutes after awakening. A pair of sit-ups, inclines, swings and rotation of the neck from side to side activate blood circulation, and along with it - the outflow of unnecessary liquid from the face.
  2. Washing. Get out of bed, go to the bathroom andRinse your face with cool tap water. If there is a bottle of mineral water in the refrigerator - then it is even better for a refreshing and puffy washing face. A few times, intensively splash in the face from the palms of your hands and attach them to your cheeks.
  3. Cold and hot shower awakens the whole organism, activates the exchangesubstances and blood circulation, provides the skin with elasticity and freshness, and the face - blush and tone. With your head stand under the stream of water and change its temperature from warm to room, then to a cold that you can endure, and again to the room and warm. Repeat three or four cycles, and then intensively rub the entire body with a towel. You do not need to rub your face.
  4. Cosmetic ice. Girls who are aware of the inclination of their person tothe appearance of edema, in advance store in the freezer bags of special liquid, which when frozen becomes an excellent tool for restoring the tone of tissues. All the others can cook it on their own, fill it with special molds and put mineral water, chamomile broth or green tea for the night in the freezer. When you have swelling, take one ice cube and rub it lightly on the forehead, cheekbones, chin. Avoid touching the ice on the thin skin of the eyelids and do not stop it in the same place, so as not to catch sensitive facial nerves.
  5. Compresses - an excellent remedy for puffiness of the face, if you havethere is time to lie down for at least 10-15 minutes. Prepare a decoction of chamomile, nettle, marigold or mint. Cool and moisten in it two wadding discs. Lightly squeeze and place on closed eyelids. Relax and lie still on your back. Then wash with cool water. For a quick compress you can use tea bags. After tea brewing, cool them and put them on your eyelids, like cotton pads. You can use black, green or herbal tea.
  6. Mask for swelling can be either finished from the store, orhomemade. In the first case, be guided by your own financial capabilities, previous experience and advice of the seller. In the second, grate one raw potato on the grater (without the peel) and apply abundantly on the face. Lie with this mask, relaxing facial muscles, 10 minutes. Then wipe the face with a napkin and rinse with cool water. The second popular decongestant from the arsenal of traditional medicine is a fresh cucumber. Cut it into circles and apply it to your face. And not only for ever, as usually shown in advertising photos, but on the forehead and cheeks. Moisture from the cucumber will cause the pores of the skin to open and normalize the salt exchange - swelling will decrease or completely go away.
  7. Acupressure removes swelling from the face quickly enough ifperform it correctly. Using your fingertips, find and gently push the painful points from both sides of the nose bridge approximately at the level of the inner corners of the eyes. With fast, jerky movements, press them 50-20 times. Then with your fingertips for 3 minutes, massage the cheekbones along the so-called orbital bone, moving in the direction from the temples to the wings of the nose.
  8. Herb tea. drunk before breakfast for a hungrystomach, will awaken the digestive and metabolic processes, including activates the blood flow and lymph drainage. Prepare a large cup of natural green tea with lemon or brew leaves of cranberries. Drink small sips and 15 minutes to refrain from eating. During the day, avoid salty foods and drink more dining mineral and pure still water. Give up coffee, packaged juices and pops. Lie on fresh vegetables and fruits.
Well, in the future, not to fight with puffiness of the faceagain and again, learn just a few simple rules of nutrition and treatment with your body. It is enough to limit the amount of salt and artificial components in your diet, to drink at least two liters of clean drinking water daily (still and with table, and not therapeutic level of mineralization), regularly get enough sleep at the right time and correct postures. As a rule, these measures are enough for a healthy person to forget about the problem of fluid retention on the face and other parts of the body.