Permanent swelling of the face

Morning puffiness of the face - the consequence, as a rule, delays in the body fluid. To choose an effective method of combating swelling, you should determine its cause.

If the puffiness is constant, the cause may bepoor kidney function, abnormalities in the endocrine and vascular system. In this case, you need to treat the underlying disease. But if swelling occurs occasionally, the reason lies in the excessive consumption of salty foods, disturbance of sleep and nutrition.

How to remove the swelling of the face

As a preventive measure, you canadvise to limit the use of salt (not more than 3 grams per day), as well as smoked products, conservation, include in the diet products that help remove water from the body (apples, watermelon, etc.) and not eat at night (this, incidentally, also help and get rid of the stomach).

If all the same you woke up with swelling in the morning,the most effective is a mild diuretic (you can use it in tablets, but it's better to use herbal tea consisting of leaves of bearberry (3 parts), inflorescence of cornflower (1 part) and licorice root (1 part).

To remove the edema from the area around the eyes, a cooling gel mask or ice cubes will be washed, especially if they are made from infusions of sage or chamomile.

Help remove the swelling of the mask from potatoes, cooked in uniforms, or sour cream with dill.

Japanese massage helps a lot. However, this procedure is required periodically.

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