Drops in the nose with swelling of the nasal mucosa

Runny nose to many of us seems to be one of the mostsimple diseases, which sometimes we do not pay attention at all. But if it can not be cured in time, it is fraught with genyantritis, which you can not quickly get rid of. If you have a stuffy nose and do not have time to visit Laura, use folk remedies for the disease.

To facilitate nasal congestion, nasal lavage will helpsinuses with a solution of sea salt or infusion of herbs - chamomile, calendula, sage or St. John's wort. If you can not get water with your nose, do a lavage with a syringe.

To moisten the nasal passages, use drops on theoil basis - they gently affect the respiratory tract and do not overdry the mucous membrane. They can be easily prepared at home: mix in an equal amount of sea-buckthorn and vegetable oil, hold for 20 minutes in a water bath. Bury the remedy warm in the supine position (3 drops in each nostril). You can also add 3-5 drops of oil in a bowl with boiling water, cover yourself with a towel and breathe the steam.

Strong antibacterial action is the root of parsley: grind it and pour 0.5 boiling water, leave for 1 hour. Strain and heat, and then take a 10-15 minute breathe fumes.

During a runny nose, you also need to warm your nose, thiswell removes the edema. To do this, take a small bag (if there is no bag, you can use a clean handkerchief), heat the large salt in a dry frying pan. Place a bag of salt on the bridge of the nose and warm it. If you do not want to mess around with the bag, warm your nose with a boiled egg.

When a cold occurs, it is useful to get your feet stuck or take a warm bath with sea salt, sleep in socks, in which dry mustard is poured.

To avoid getting sick, avoid hypothermia. At the same time, try to be more often in the open air. At least once every two weeks, visit the sauna: the therapeutic effect of steam will strengthen the defenses of the body. You can harden not only the body as a whole, but also the nasopharynx: rinse the throat with water, gradually lowering its temperature by 1 degree.

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