Compression socks from edema

A greater burden on the veins gives pregnancy, topain in the legs leads to shoes with high heels, a sedentary lifestyle, the lack of regular physical activity. In this case knitted stockings with the effect of compression will be the right decision.

The beauty of the feet should be taken care ofearly! It's time to buy golf shoes from varicose veins. Quality, made of light, soft tissues of the sock can be used as a means of prevention, and as a means of treating pathologies of the venous system.

Advantages and composition of the product

Zippered socks from Comic Sox varicose are simple andThey are easy to use, as you can see for yourself by wearing them for the first time. Before buying compression socks with zippers from varicose veins, it is worth familiarizing themselves with their advantages: they include:

  • Breathable tissue.
  • Open toe.
  • Lightning.
  • The structure is not distinguishable from ordinary golf.
  • Compression effect.

The product includes elastane, perfectly preserves the shape of stockings. There are two colors to choose from - black and beige.

Antivarious action socks arean excellent preventive measure in any conditions: at home and at work, on an airplane and on a train. Wearing compression golf in varicose veins, is an effective addition to any treatment procedures. Products can be worn at any time, anywhere. The structure does not allow to distinguish them from ordinary sock or stockings, and lightning makes it easy to put on and take off the Comfy Sox.

Breathable fabric and loose sock make wearingcomfortable. The anti-varicose effect is proved by the competent selection of components in the fabric of the product: - 90% - nylon, 10 - elastane. Golfs contribute to a better outflow of blood from the lower extremities, this reduces swelling and relieves pain.

Buy compression zippers in Moscow,you can in our store in one click. You just choose the color, the size of the product and click on the "basket" button. Prices in the online store for stockings you will be pleasantly surprised!

Take care of the beauty and health of your feet! The easiest way to do this is to buy anti-dairy Socks Sox socks. Lingerie is created taking into account the structure of the venous system, the movement of blood and lymph through the venous vessels. The product is recommended for people suffering from varicose veins, pregnant women, women after childbirth to restore blood vessels, after increased stress, and also to athletes after active sports activities.

Comfi Sox Compression Socks Price in Moscowin our shop is available to everyone! You can buy products in the city of Moscow or other regions of the country, with delivery by mail. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists, they will answer them and help you place an order. Pleasure you, not only the quality and effect of the use of stockings, but also the acceptable price for golfs from varicose veins.