The child has a strong swelling of the nasal mucosa

Question: Hello! I applied to you for help 2 years ago about adenoids 1-2 degrees in a child. Under your recommendation, you took a homeopathic preparation of agraphis 6. Adenoids passed, snoring appeared only during illnesses.
Now my son is 5 years old. Two weeks ago, they had ARVI (red throat, mucus running down the back wall of the nasopharynx, temperature 39 one day). Cured, but there was a strong swelling of the nasal mucosa. Day baby breathes nose, and at night - no, very snores very much, sleeps with his mouth open, constantly spinning in bed. The son complained of unpleasant sensations in the right ear.
The ENT doctor said that the right drummembrane, and pain in the ear on the background of the edema of the nasal mucosa. The doctor also said that there are no adenoids, but there is hypertrophy of tonsils of 1-2 degrees. To the pain in the throat with a cold a child complains rarely, there were never classic anginas. A doctor says that chronic tonsillitis is being formed.
The boy is fair-haired, gray-eyed, thin. Do not eat vegetables and fruits. He likes sweet, dairy, especially porridge. When you fall asleep, your forehead and neck often sweat. And in general, often sweats. He does not like to take cover.
His favorite occupation is drawing and molding from plasticine. Friendly, more friendly and playing with girls.
Help, please, get rid of the swelling of the nasal mucosa and pain in the ear. Thank you.

Answer: Hello Elena. To treat edema of the nasal mucosa and the consequences of a cold, give the son homeopathic medicines - Agrafis 6 () - 5 granules outside the food every morning and evening, and once (only 1 time) give the son a homeopathic preparation Sulfur 30 - 3 granules per night.

Homeopath Grigor Sergey Vadimovich

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