How to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa

Hello! Help please, to the child 2 4 months. since November, at night, he lays his nose, begins to snore, swallows, coughs. All this only at night. In the afternoon, you can not even say that the child is sick, no temperature, no cough, and active. Went to Laura, said adenoids are, but not inflamed to give such symptoms. Went to an allergist, he saw an edema mucous, said to make a rhinocytogram - on it only neutrophils 0-3%, all other indicators of 0%. tell me what else you can do. every night the story repeats itself: snoring, swallowing, coughing around 5 am, and then falling asleep and sleeping normally up to 10.

All that you describe says that the childjust an increased permeability of the mucous membranes - perhaps because of the transferred rhinitis, and it is possible that because of some violations in the microcirculation in the vessels of the nasal mucosa. In any case, here there is no sense to use drops in the nose - a much better and greater effect will give warming of the nose or blue, or infrared lamp.

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