Constant edema of the nasal mucosa

My father has a runny nose for more than 25 years. He constantly drips naphthysine. To him for all time removed polyps time probably 7. And last time at it or him the edema does not pass or take place. He went to Laura to him 3 times already removed polyps. There is still swelling. The doctor suggests to drink hormonal preparations, but from them at the father pressure rises. Tell me how you can remove swelling? What could be the reason?

At me too such situation-truth polyps is not present and the mucus is not present. Just swelling. I'm dripping xylen-11 years already.

How to help my father, maybe it's parasites? Can analyzes what to hand over?

Can I advice on my nose, too?

P.S. I write for my father, tk. he does not use a computer

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