Puffiness of the eyelids and what to do first aid

With the problem of swollen eyes we come across more oftenall in the mornings, when we wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror. Normally, minor morning swelling of the skin around the eyes disappears by itself, during the process of how we finally wake up, wash ourselves and start moving actively. But it also happens that for no apparent reason the swollen eyes do not want to come back to normal and from this view becomes heavy, the face is tired, and the person seems aged.

If swollen eyes worry not only sleepinessand the swelling of the eyelids keeps for a long time, then the cause may be a disease of the internal organs, such as the kidneys, the heart or the endocrine system. Swollen eyelids will only be a symptom of the disease. In this case, you should consult a doctor who can not only diagnose, but also determine the ways of treatment.

However, the puffiness of the eyelids can also arise for entirely different reasons. Considering the causes of oedemas of the eyelids, it is important to understand that in fact the process itself is based on a "stagnant" fluid in the body.

Firstly, the eyes can become swollen due to lack of sleepor pouring. And also from a long load on the organ of vision, for example, hours of work at the computer. Moreover, a restless, disturbing sleep associated with stress during the day can also cause swelling of the eyes.

Late dinner, smoking, evening feast withconsumption of alcoholic beverages, salty foods and even a cup of tea just before bedtime, also provokes swelling of the eyelids. The causes may be in premenstrual syndrome in women and in hormone levels. Also, the eyes can swell as a result of taking some medicines and therapeutic procedures, the wrong diet chosen. The swelling of the eyelids can also be a consequence of an allergic reaction of the body. During pregnancy, women also notice frequent swelling of the skin around the eyes and lips. But even a common cold in the result of a cold can be the cause of swollen eyelids.

Of the causes of puffiness of the skin of the eyelids, it is impossible to exclude the skin reaction to cosmetics.

After understanding the reasons, you can outline ways to get rid of the problem.

To get rid of the swelling of the skin around the eyes,having addressed in a beauty salon where the expert will spend active limfodrenazh. One of the methods is electrostimulation, based on the effect on the skin of thin electrodes, which conduct an electric current of low frequency to the subcutaneous lymphatic ways. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible not only to activate lymphatic exchange, but also metabolism in skin cells, restoring their vital activity, and also to improve microcirculation of blood. There are many other salon procedures, which can be selected by a cosmetologist. Such procedures include micro-current therapy, dermotonia, mesotherapy and a variety of cosmetic masks.

Self-massage of the skin around the eyes

If the eyelid edema is a cosmetic defect, thenan excellent way to eliminate it can be manual lymph drainage massage. You can do it yourself, gently massaging the skin from the temple to the corner of the eye for two minutes. Then gently tapping the pads of the fingers on the skin around the eyes you need to finish the massage. You can supplement the procedure with a special exercise: press your fingers to your temples and try to move the skin, moving the mimic muscles. Such an exercise can be called "frown" and perform it several times during the day.

Feel the lasting effect of any procedures you can only do by their course.

Home remedies for swelling of the skin of the eyelids

At home, you can take advantage ofspecial cold gel masks, which should be stored in the refrigerator. It is recommended to put such masks on eyelids, closing eyes and to sustain some minutes. Also a good result will be provided by a cooling gel, rich in plant extracts, which is applied to the skin around the eyes well in advance of the make-up.

A traditional means is a compress prepared on the basis of cold tea leaves, applied to closed eyelids for 3-4 minutes.

It is also effective to use freshly squeezed potato juice, which should be moistened with cotton wool and held on closed eyelids for at least 5 and longer than 10 minutes.

It will help to solve the problem and natural curd, which should not be too dry, it is kept on the eyes for 10 minutes.

If there is no allergic reaction to peppermint, then you canTry to fight puffiness with the help of herbal compresses, using mint and melissa. A tablespoon of herbs to brew in a glass of boiling water, insist, cool to room temperature and soaked cotton discs, put on closed eyelids for ten minutes.

It is impossible not to mention the "ice" procedures, forwhich will need cubes of frozen broth chamomile flowers or oak bark, you can also freeze and cucumber juice. Gently massage the skin around the eyes with an ice cube for about three minutes.

That the eyes are not swollen

Most often, when the swelling of the skin of the eyelids is not associated with diseases of the body, it can be avoided by following simple recommendations.

So, the most important thing - get enough sleep and do not pour. And during sleep put your head on the pillow.

It is also important to remember that swelling is a stagnationfluid in the body. Therefore, try not to drink at least two hours before going to bed, reduce the consumption of salt. Know that eating bananas, raisins, cranberries and cabbage juice helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Do not forget that carbonated drinks and drinks containing caffeine contribute to the formation of edema. Artificial sweeteners are not useful in this case.

Serious about their health, not onlywishing to get rid of cosmetic defects, you need to regularly engage in exercise, which improves blood circulation and normalizes the circulation of fluids in the body.

In sunny weather, do not neglect the darkglasses. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen to care for the face, in the summer they should be used every day, regardless of weather conditions. Know that sunburn and excessive exposure to the sun can cause swelling of the eyes.

Remember that the cause of swelling of the eyelids canbecome caring cosmetics, for example, a nourishing face cream that when applied to the skin in the eye area can provoke not only its irritation, but also the swelling of the eyelids. To promote edema, moisturizers can also moisturize the skin, trapping it in the skin. Therefore, it is most appropriate for the delicate skin in this area to use specially designed means for it.

If the swelling of the eyelids is caused by inflammatoryprocesses in the body (colds or, for example, conjunctivitis), then the problem will be solved by antiviral or antibacterial drops, which usually contain vasoconstrictors. As soon as the inflammatory processes are eliminated, edema will also drop, usually it does not last more than a week.

Do not forget that swollen eyes cantestify to temporary ill health or a particular condition of the body (for example, pregnancy, menstrual cycle or allergic reaction). Therefore, it is very important to really assess your own condition and try to understand the causes of puffiness. However, when the situation is aggravated and the swelling intensifies or does not subside in all your efforts, it is worthwhile to see a doctor and find out if your swollen eyes indicate the onset of a somatic disease.

So, we need to make efforts not only,To hide the defect with the help of cosmetics and procedures, but also emphasizing their dignity, expressive eyes, for example, or beautiful hair. After all, often we only know about the shortcomings of appearance and we are worried about this, although others do not know about the problem, but always note a frown and a concerned face.

Love yourself for who you are, with all your numerous virtues and minor flaws.

Romanchukevich Tatiana
for women's magazine InFlora.ru

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