How much after a piercing of a nose there is an edema

Rhinoplasty is a popular form of plastic surgery. Intervention is required if the patient is unhappy with the shape of the nose. Not always operations are done with an aesthetic purpose.

In many cases, rhinoplasty is necessary by medical indicators. In the case of curvature of the septum, difficulty breathing due to proliferation of polyps should definitely consult a doctor.

Carrying out rhinoplasty is justified in cases whenthe patient categorically does not like the form of the most outstanding part of the face. The operation is performed in a decent center of aesthetic medicine from a professional plastic surgeon. In our country there are physicians who specialize in the correction of defects in this area. The risk of side effects and negative consequences after intervention in this case is minimized. Patients are interested in how long the procedure lasts, what side effects and consequences appear after rhinoplasty.

Operations are performed on bone or cartilaginous tissue. They can be open and closed. In the first case, the incision is made directly under the nose, the skin is pulled back, all necessary manipulations are carried out. In this case, the traces of interference are not noticeable. In the second case, the operation is performed in the nasal passages. The patient is discharged home after the operation literally the next day. One of the most common effects of the intervention is severe swelling, especially on the tip.

Because of what there is edema

It should be understood that the swelling of the nose is typicalconsequence of the operation. No one knows in advance how long this process lasts. It manifests itself in all after rhinoplasty. Much depends on the structure of the organ, the features of plastic surgery, skin type, health status, and other factors. Immediately after rhinoplasty, the doctor applies a special tire, which is designed to preserve the shape of the nose and restrain edema. In the nostrils are inserted cotton wool, which bear the same function. But the next day the tire is removed, a bandage is installed instead.

The patient after rhinoplasty complains not only ofswelling of the nose. On the face can appear hematomas. If bruising lasts too long, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Unlike edema, the hematomas go off very quickly.

Why after a rhinoplasty at the patient arisesswelling of the nose? Any physical effect on the body has its consequences. Injured tissues recover for a long time. Immediately after rhinoplasty, the swelling is noticeable and causes unpleasant sensations. Then the swelling of the nose decreases. He sees only the patient himself and the doctor who was doing the operation. Others do not notice this defect. Most often suffers from the tip of the nose and nose.

How to deal with edema after rhinoplasty

Severe swelling of the nose that appeared afterrhinoplasty, is removed by medication prescribed by the attending physician before discharge from the clinic of aesthetic medicine. Independently prescribe medicines to themselves, they can not be taken without the doctor's recommendation. If you see that the swelling from the nose gradually decreases, it becomes less, then you can relax and wait until all the negative phenomena after rhinoplasty disappear by themselves.

If you are worried about not only the swelling of the nose, but alsodifficulty breathing, pain as with sinusitis, you need to immediately consult a doctor. Such side effects after rhinoplasty are extremely rare, but still have a place to be.

If the edema at the tip of the operated organworries from an aesthetic point of view, then you can use safe means of traditional medicine. For example, no harm will not bring anti-inflammatory compresses based on decoction of chamomile, succession. It is enough to moisten a piece of gauze or bandage in the liquid, attach it where there is swelling of the nose. You need to know how much to keep the compress. A positive result will be achieved if to do lotions for 10-20 minutes daily for a week.

Sometimes doctors prescribe homeopathicmeans that are designed to remove the swelling of the nose. If you want to use this method of recovery after rhinoplasty, it is better to immediately turn to the classical homeopath.

Do not forget that the swelling of the nose is in factaccumulation of excess fluid. If you limit the use of strong coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, then the swelling of the nose will pass by itself. Also for this purpose, you can reduce the use of salt, which delays the fluid in the body.

Try to be less nervous, avoidstress, just enjoy life and love yourself with a new appearance. Then you will not even notice how the swelling of the nose will pass without special treatment. Negative manifestations after rhinoplasty will not bother you anymore.

On how rehabilitation after rhinoplasty passes, the plastic surgeon will tell in the following video:

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