How to get rid of the swelling of the nasal mucosa

Irina Chubach Master (1985) 7 years ago

Sinusitis and his treatment. The main points of treatment of sinusitis.

Than to treat a genyantritis? As will be noted below, the basis of sinusitis is swelling of the mucous membrane, which blocks the sinus between the maxillary sinus and the nasal cavity. Therefore, the main treatment should be aimed at fighting the swelling of the nasal mucosa - you need to ensure a good outflow from the sinus.

Normalization of the basic parameters of the external functionbreathing method Buteyko allows you to very quickly eliminate the swelling of the nasal mucosa, restore the natural drainage of the sinus, restore nasal breathing and natural aeration in full, which, in turn, leads to the normalization of local immunity and the elimination of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinus. This problem is completely solved by our specialists when the patient undergoes a course of treatment at the Buteyko Clinic.

Treatment using the Buteyko method is performed in several stages:

- normalization of the main parameters of the functionexternal breathing method Buteyko allows you to very quickly eliminate the swelling of the nasal mucosa, which significantly reduces the size of hypertrophic nasal concha and restores nasal breathing in full,

- elimination of the edema of the nasal mucosa allows opening the sinus outlets and restore the natural sinus drainage,

- restoration of nasal breathing in fulland natural aeration allows you to quickly restore local immunity and reduce the activity of the inflammatory process until it is completely eliminated.

Often it is necessary to observe the results of self-treatmentpatients with sinusitis or the result of treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies. Believe me, it is better not to do this. So, for example, there is an opinion that it is possible to treat the genyantritis with antibiotics, which are now very many, and everything will go by itself. In some cases, antibiotics to treat sinusitis really help. But does the patient recover completely by using antibiotics for sinusitis? Does the process go into a chronic form? And how to cure sinusitis chronic? The disease rarely passes by itself. At the heart of his treatment should necessarily be a procedure that can eliminate the swelling of the mucous membrane.

Piratka Ranetka Master (1052) 7 years ago

you have to go with the sick woman. I know for sure. believe me go to the hospital

Dima Pupil (105) 7 years ago

most likely this is a curvature of the nasal septum, it is treated only by a surgical method.

Zimbir Lydia Guru (2787) 7 years ago

First you need to go to the doctor, and at the same time and find out if there is an allergy. At what here a genyantritis to me it is not clear.

stiva Guru (3893) 7 years ago

I can only share my opat-zalozhennostnose was about 20 years old and tried and folk and medical methods, antibiotics, punctures, rinsing-in vain. Only when I did a complete cleaning of the whole organism did I notice. as it passed. Of course, you need to add minerals, trace elements and antioxidants, but this is optional

Acra Acra Expert (350) 7 years ago

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AntiPsychoVirus Orakul (64404) 7 years ago

Physical blocking
The nose performs three main functions: 1) its mucous membrane provides the necessary for normal gas exchange humidification and air heating; 2) its mucous membrane filters out foreign particles, protecting the respiratory tract; 3) Finally, the nose is the organ of smell.
Problems with the nose is all that hinderspeople normally breathe (when they usually say: "Nosed"). I will not deal here with issues related to the size of the nose, since these are primarily aesthetic problems, and most often they arise in people who are more concerned about how they LOOK than who they are.
Emotional blocking
Since the nose is the main respiratory organ, andbreathing provides life, then a stuffy nose indicates a person's inability to live a full life. This problem often arises in a person who suppresses his feelings, because he is afraid to suffer or feel the suffering of a loved one. A stuffy nose can also mean that its owner does not tolerate any person, thing or situation in his life.
Sometimes a man smells something bad at the scent. He has distrust and fear. It is also interesting to note that problems with the nose (for example, runny nose) often arise in those times of the year when people spend a lot of time with each other in a confined space. This is already a problem of social adaptation.
Mental blockage
If you have a stuffy nose, ask yourself the followingthe question: "Who or what can I not tolerate at the moment?" If it seems to you that a stuffy nose will save you from having to solve a problem, you are mistaken. Determine what scares you in this situation. My experience shows that most often the stuffy nose corresponds to situations in which a person is afraid of injustice. Try to perceive what is happening with love and understanding, that is, the heart, not the mind that constantly criticizes and wants to change the situation, giving you cause for negative emotions.
If you often suffer from problems with the nose, youis definitely very sensitive and you try to restrain your feelings, because you are afraid of them. You must learn how to show your feelings; it will help you develop your ability to love people and help them. At the same time, you no longer need to feel responsible for the happiness and emotions of others. Realizing the difference between sensitivity and emotionality, you can better use your potential and live a fuller life.
Spiritual blockage and conclusion
In order to understand the spiritual blockage,which prevents the satisfaction of the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions listed in the UNLOCKING section. The answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the real cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.