Edema of the nasal mucosa in infants

15 March 16:05, 2011

Hello! The baby (1.5 months) began an allergic rhinitis (on geocint) with a clear mucus. The ENT prescribed a drop of "Rinozolin" for infants. Prokapali 1k 2p a day for 5 days.
Now the child has a swelling of the nose. Can only be in a semi-vertical position.
Is it possible that this is a reaction to the end of the use of this drug.
In advance thanks for the answer.

15 March 17:32, 2011

Yes, such a reaction is possible. However, the mucosal edema may be due to the presence in the house of other indoor plants. It is desirable to get rid of them. Try to give the baby Fenistil (3 drops inside and in the morning and in the evening) and drip a spout with ordinary Albucidum (20%) 1-2 drops to 3 times a day for 3 days.

07-Apr-12:14, 2011

Hello. At the child 4 months. it hurts in the nose, he very badly began to sleep and falls asleep only on his side, often crying and rubbing the bridge of the nose and eyes (combs the nails to the blood). The exacerbation after the transferred or carried cold has begun, and somewhere 2 months ago simply sometimes rubbing a nose against a shoulder when took in arms or hand. The doctor was prescribed by the pediatrician Saline and Nazivin. Tried but does not help. Nazivin is against the common cold (vasoconstrictor) and he does not have a cold in his nose. Prompt please what is it can be, and how to treat.

7 April 17:55, 2011

You need to consult an ENT doctor,for inspection. It is necessary to exclude the presence of a foreign body in the nasal passages, as well as atrophic rhinitis. Try irrigating the nose with spray Marimer.