How to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa with genyantritis

Washing of the nose with sinusitis is considered one of thethe main procedures that are applied in the treatment of all forms of the disease. It is distinguished by its simplicity and high therapeutic effect. Helping to remove the swelling of the mucous membranes and clearing the nasal sinuses from the pus, Washing after several sessions improves the condition patient.

Washing your nose at home

Despite the fact that almost everyone in the homethe medicine cabinet will find what can be used as a wash solution, preferably the answer to the question "What should I wash my nose with sinusitis?" was given by the attending physician. After all, what turns out to be effective for one person may not suit another.

There are tools that you can try yourself. Today, there are a lot of broths for washing that can be cooked at home.

The long-proven therapeutic effect of washingnose with a solution of propolis. To create this broth, 15 drops of propolis, a teaspoon of salt and two drops of iodine are added to the glass of warm water. The received solution should be washed three times a day.

It is also very useful in the treatment of sinusitis if the nose is washedsalt water. Salt helps to remove the swelling of the mucosa and to remove the inflammation. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to add a little soda to the salt solution, based on the calculation: for a glass of warm water, 0.5 teaspoons of salt and soda.

In addition, very useful in the treatment of sinusitis tinctures from herbs that have anti-inflammatory effect.

It can be chamomile, eucalyptus leaves,St. John's wort, succession, oak bark. A few drops of any of these infusions are diluted in half a glass or a glass of warm water, also a little salt is added there.

If desired, tinctures can be combined. So, a solution of calendula and eucalyptus, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, proved very well.

Doctors advise during the course of treatment to change preparations for washing the nose, in order to strengthen the therapeutic effect.

Drugs for nasal lavage

From drugs to wash the nose can use furatsilin. For this you need:

  • Half-a-liter of furacilin powder into powder and dissolve in 0.5 liters of warm water. Stir until the solution is evenly yellow.
  • Pour the solution into a syringe.
  • Proceed to the procedure.

It should be noted that for the first time this procedureit is highly desirable to conduct under the guidance of a doctor or a nurse. Due to incorrect washing of the sinuses of the nose, water can accidentally enter the middle ear, causing otitis. To prevent this from happening, during the procedure, you need to slightly turn your head sideways, making sure that it does not bend back and lean on your shoulder.

Using a syringe, the solution is injected directly into both nares. After washing, you can not immediately go to bed. since it can also trigger the ingress of fluid into the middle ear. In the period of acute sinusitis, the nose should be washed at least three times a day. This course of treatment is usually about a week.

Nasal wash with chronic sinusitis

It alleviates the symptoms of chronic sinusitis,such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, a regular rinse of the nose with a solution of sea salt. Such a solution can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently. It is made very simply: take salt (cooking or sea) from the calculation: 1 teaspoon and dissolve in a glass of water.

In the chronic form of sinusitis are shownWashing with iodine solution, which can be lightly painted over with potassium permanganate. You can even rinse your nose with ordinary mineral water, the main thing is to do it regularly.

Rinse the nose with a doctor

Often the ENT at the first sessions recommends the patient to do a nose wash using the "cuckoo" method. What is this and is there any point in agreeing to it?

Nasal wash with sinusitis, sometimes calledmethod of moving liquids, has been the main alternative to puncture for many years. This procedure is also unpleasant and is carried out only in a hospital. Such washing of the nose with genyantritis is only indicated if the disease is not much started. Otherwise, this method may not be effective.

For this procedure, the patient is placedon the back. After this, a medicine is injected through one nostril, which is then immediately sucked back by suction. To ensure proper circulation of the liquid, special tubes are inserted into the nose.

As a result of washing in the maxillary sinusesa pressure is created that contributes to the outflow of mucus and pus. In addition, because of getting the medicine directly into the inflammation zone, a significant therapeutic effect is achieved.

In order to avoid getting liquid into the respiratory tract the patient is asked to continuously say "ku-ku", because of what such a nose wash with sinusitis is called "cuckoo" method.

Such sessions are usually required from 4 to 7, if the sametreatment does not help, it indicates that the disease has already passed into the neglected stage and requires more radical therapies. However, the majority of patients after the first procedure notice a significant improvement in their well-being: the nasal congestion of the nose and ears disappears, the headache passes, and the temperature decreases.

Due to certain complexities such washingNose with genyantritis at home is not recommended. However, for "home use" there are a number of simpler methods that you can apply yourself.

How to self-wash the nose with genyantema

Coming to see a doctor, very many patientsare interested in whether it is possible to wash the nose with sinus if it does not exacerbate the course of the disease? The answer here is unambiguous - certainly, it is possible, however, in order for this procedure to be of use, one must be able to do it correctly.

Suggest how to properly wash the nose in sinusitis should also be a qualified otolaryngologist.

The easiest way is to wash your nose withpalms. To do this, you need to tilt your head slightly, draw a liquid into your palm, and then try to draw in the entire treatment solution of one nostril. Now, with the same palm, hold the nostril and tilt the head in the opposite direction. If you did everything right, the water will come out of the other nostril yourself.

If this seems too complicated for you, you canUse for washing with a syringe, on which a flexible tube is put on for more convenience. But it is best for these purposes to purchase a large syringe, which will greatly facilitate the process.

To prevent the solution from getting into the mouth, during the procedurethey are advised to pronounce the sound "i-and-and-and." Just like in the "cuckoo" version, the soft palate rises during speaking and thus divides the throat and nasopharynx.

Nasal flushing for preventive purposes

Rinsing of the nasal sinuses is good notonly therapeutic, but also a preventive method of treatment. If you get sick with sinusitis, take yourself at least a few times a week, and ideally - daily rinse your nose with salt or mineral water. During periods of a burst of respiratory-viral diseases, the frequency of rinsing should be increased to 2 per day.

If washing does not help ...

Despite the huge healing effect of washingnose with sinusitis, this procedure is not a universal way, guaranteeing 100% recovery. In order for the washing to have a result, one of the basic conditions must be observed - the normal patency of both nasal sinuses. That is, if due to the swelling of the mucous membranes the permeability of even one half of the nose is broken, the treatment may be useless.

That is why before washing the nose doctorsrecommend using vasoconstrictive drops (naphthyzine, nasivin). If the nasal breathing is disturbed for other reasons - congenital curvature of the nasal septum, adenoids, polyps - from the washing, the patency of the nasal passages is unlikely to improve.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that even though the nose is washed and is a relatively safe procedure, it is important here: Washing requires strict adherence to all recommendations. Do this for the first time, carefully read the descriptions.

If you are not sure that you can do everythingdo the right thing, go to the hospital and ask the health worker to carry out a nose wash. Having understood the principle, you can easily repeat this procedure at home.